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WALGA’s 'Complete Guide' to the Local Government Act and Local Laws is a subscription service providing Local Governments and Elected Members access to the following suite of electronic, searchable information:

Complete Guide to the Local Government Act Subscription

Councillor's Manual

A comprehensive source of information to assist Elected Members understand and effectively perform their roles and functions. This service complements WALGA’s Elected Member Development Framework training program.

Practice Notes

Targeted specifically at Local Government senior managers and staff, this service provides advice and guidance on the practical application of the Local Government Act and Regulations.

Forms and Pro Formas

Provides vetted adaptations of all forms prescribed under the Local Government Act, together with additional forms, information and policies covering a range of issues.

Decision Making in Practice Toolkit

The Toolkit currently includes Part 1 - Introduction to Local Government Decision Making and Part 2 - Delegations. Available to WALGA Governance Subscribers from 1 July 2017.

Good Governance in Practice

Collates a range of tools and templates to assist Local Governments in implementing good governance practices.

Local Laws Subscription

Local Laws

Subscribers will have online access to information and guidance on the process for making, amending and repealing Local Laws and the complete suite of template Local Laws in a ready-to-adopt and legislatively compliant format.