WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey Results Now Live
Monday, March 11, 2019
WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey Results Now Live

The 2019 WALGA Salary and Workplace Survey data is now available! 

If you have purchased a 2019 subscription to the Salary and Workforce Survey, you can access the data by clicking here and logging in. 

REMINDER: Portal Access

For those Local Governments who have a 2018 subscription and have not purchased the 2019 subscription, you will lose access to the portal  today,  Friday  8 March.

Subscription Information

To order your 2019 subscription please email WALGA Employee Relations attaching a purchase order to employeerelations@walga.asn.au.
Below is the schedule of fees.

Western Australia: 
 Local Government Category  Full Fee (ex GST)
 WA SAT Band 1  $1,650
 WA SAT Band 2   $1,500
 WA SAT Band 3   $1,350
 WA SAT Band 4   $1,150

Northern Territory: 
 Local Government Category  Full Fee (ex GST)
 NT Band 1 (over 300 employees)  $1,650
 NT Band 2 (200-300 employees)  $1,500
 NT Band 3 (100-200 employees)  $1,350
 NT Band 4 (up to 99 employees)  $1,150
If you have any questions about this alert  please email WALGA Employee Relations or call 1300 366 956.