In addition to the Policy Advice and Advocacy provided to all members, WALGA offers a number of subscription and fee-for-service activities to assist Local Governments to perform their duties.

All members are able to access additional services on a fee-for-service basis:

Emergency Management Services

The WALGA Emergency Management Subscription provides the following services:

  • Burns Permit Portal
  • LG Risk Vision
Employee Relations
Subscribing members are provided:
  • direct support for CEOs senior manager, line managers and HR practitioners in the management of staff
  • advice on employee relations and human resource matters
  • a negotiation and advocacy service in industrial commissions and tribunals
  • distribution of Employee Relations Alerts on a wide range of workplace relations issues relevant to Local Governments, and
  • template policies and procedures
Environment LGmap

A geographic information system (GIS) designed to assist Local Government decision making, containing more than 300 datasets. The tool is available at a fraction of the cost of all other commercially available mapping programs but its greatest value lies in its unique function to help Local Governments interpret environmental and planning legislation.

Governance/Local Laws Service
Subscribers are able to access electronic, searchable versions of WALGA’s Councillors Manual, Practice Notes and Forms and Proformas Manuals.
In addition, the Local Laws service includes guidelines on the Local Law making process, template Local Laws in downloadable format, NCP/public benefit tests and the role of the Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation.
Procurement Services
Subscription services include access to the WA Local Government Procurement Toolkit, an essential resource for procurement professionals outlining the steps to the procurement process and including tools and templates. 

Additional benefits include a 10 percent discount on fees for all procurement services as well as access to resources, professional networks and an advisory service.


Tax Services

Delivered by tax specialists, Moore Australia, subscribers access information and advisory services to support Local Government indirect taxation compliance. The service maintains regular communications, training, and enquiry hotline and produces reference resources including the Elected Member Taxation Guide and Officer Tax Guide.