New Act

The current Local Government Act that governs Local Government operations was passed in 1995 and is past its use by date. It’s focused on tick-the-box compliance and old ways of working.

Local Governments want to focus on things the community really value, like parks, playgrounds, community facilities and events, waste collection and roads and footpaths, not on ticking boxes and unnecessary red tape.

WALGA has been working with Local Governments to develop policy for a new legislative framework that will help Local Governments to be more efficient and more effective in delivering services and infrastructure for the community.

Without a new Act, Local Governments will continue to be bogged down in compliance and red tape, and less able to focus on the needs and aspirations of the community.

The Local Government sector wants to work with the State Government to develop enabling legislation that will provide Local Governments with a clear and focused framework to serve the community’s needs.

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