Lighting the Way

Well-lit streets ensure that our communities are safe, secure and attractive. Local Governments want to make the most of new lighting technologies that will benefit the community.

WALGA has been working with Local Governments and electricity distributors to introduce more energy efficient street lighting and a few have made the transition. However, progress has been slow, given that Western Power only introduces LED lights when the existing luminaires fail.

There are still more than 158,000 streetlights in WA using old technologies, which means that it will take several decades for the community to receive the benefits that LED provides unless a dedicated replacement program is put in place.

By investing $95 million to switch to LED technology in our street light network, we can make our roads and communities safer, save money by using energy more efficiently, and cut our greenhouse gas emissions by more than half.

We can also strengthen our economy by creating over 280 jobs, and adding $61.5 million to Gross State Product.

How can I help?
If energy efficiency and LED street lighting is important to you and your community, let your local State Election candidates know. The next State Election will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021. Find your local candidates by clicking below.

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