Getting Goods to Market

Getting goods to market is essential to keep our economy strong, and we need to have freight routes that can support our key industries.

The agriculture sector relies on local roads to get their product to market, because in many cases there is no other option since over 500km of rail line was shut down. This has meant that local roads – particularly in agricultural areas - have deteriorated because they are not designed to handle heavy vehicle traffic of this type and Local Governments have only limited resources for upgrades and maintenance.

The $10 million in the 2020/21 State Budget for the upgrade of 20 high priority roads was a welcome step. By extending the Agricultural Commodity Freight Routes Fund for another two years, more essential local roads could be upgraded.

Investing $20 million to upgrade roads on important freight routes will make our agriculture industry more productive by reducing wear and tear on vehicles, cutting down journey times and minimising road closures after heavy rain. It will also make our roads safer by reducing the number and severity of accidents.

It will also create more than 100 jobs over two years and contribute $21.7 million to our State’s economy.

How can I help?
If getting local produce to market efficiently is important to you and your community, let your local State Election candidates know. The next State Election will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021. Find your local candidates by clicking below.

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