Funding for Local Roads

Local roads are being used more and more by larger heavy vehicle traffic, and some local road networks are in need of maintenance and repair.

Local Governments receive a share of the revenues collected from motor vehicle licence fees to invest back into local roads. In past agreements with the State Government, Local Governments have received a 27% share, but since 2015, this has dropped to 20%. Without adequate funding, the local road network has suffered.

WALGA has been calling for Local Government’s share of vehicle licence fee revenue to be returned to 27% to prevent our local roads from getting worse.

Without additional funding, local roads will continue to deteriorate and become less safe and less productive. There is now a $132 million gap between what was spent on maintaining our local roads in the last year, compared to what is needed to keep them in the same condition. Restoring road funding for Local Governments will mean that more can be spent on upgrading and maintaining our roads, to make sure they are safe to travel on and that people and supplies can move where they need to.

It will also create more than 290 jobs and add $61.5 million to the WA economy each year.

How can I help?
If funding for local roads is important to you and your community, let your local State Election candidates know.  The next State Election will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021. Find your local candidates by clicking below.

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