Becoming a Candidate

With 139 Local Governments across WA and approximately 22,000 employees in approxiamtely 120 different job types including more than 30 different professions offering variety, professional development and career progression; working in Local Government is an opportunity to make a real difference.

Whether you are looking to work in a large organisation or a small dynamic team, in the office or outdoors, Local Governments offer the opportunity to work close to home, with a range of benefits which can include flexible working hours, child care, additional recreation leave and gym memberships.

  • Accountants/Deputy CEOs - Applicants will have an understanding of Local Government budgeting, financial reporting and reviewing business processes.
  • Building Surveyors - Positions involve inspecting building work, assessing and determining building submissions and preparing reports for Council Meetings.
  • Environmental Health Officers - EHOs monitor and maintain public health through air, water, noise pollution controls, food hygiene and health promotion.
  • Operational Works - Applicants who have extensive experience in roadworks, managing building projects or asset registers.
  • Urban and Regional Town Planners - Qualified Town Planners evaluate planning applications and apply strategic skills to develop planning schemes.
WALGA is proud to have established long lasting reputable relationships with WA Local Governments, and are continually on the lookout for professional and skilled candidates to accommodate our client needs.

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