Following sector consultation in early 2017, WALGA released a report of findings on sustainable procurement activity in the WA Local Government sector, which is available here. In response, WALGA developed an action plan to design and develop tools and resources to assist Local Governments to embed sustainability considerations into its procurement practices. 

The WALGA Guide to Sustainable Procurement was launched in October 2017 as an outcome from sector consultation. With the release of international standard ISO20400:2017 on Sustainable Procurement in April 2017, the WALGA Guide to Sustainable Procurement extends the guidance of the ISO Standard on Sustainable Procurement and tailors it specifically to the WA Local Government Sector.

The Guide contains five key sections:
  • defining Sustainability and Sustainable Procurement
  • applying a Sustainable Procurement Framework
  • sustainability and value for money
  • WALGA Preferred Supplier Sustainability Rating System, and
  • other resources.

To view the guide, please click here.
The guide is designed to accompany the WALGA Procurement Toolkit. 

WALGA Preferred Supplier Sustainability Rating System

WALGA has developed a Preferred Supplier Sustainability Rating System, which is based on an assessment of a supplier’s sustainability credentials when determining its overall Corporate Social Responsibility. The objective of the rating system is to identify suppliers who demonstrate strong sustainability performance and reporting in comparison to others in the industry.

WALGA is introducing this initiative with its new or redeveloped Preferred Supplier Arrangements. To date, this includes:

Suppliers having been identified through the evaluation process for the above PSAs as being sustainable can be found via the above links. This information has also been included in the eQuotes environment attached to each specific PSA that has been tested to date.