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Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)

Using our advanced technologies, we take your civil, construction and demolition waste and recycle it into high-value road base, sand and aggregates that can be used for various projects including commercial construction.

Our state-of-the-art recycling plant has been designed to process a range of materials and our flexible approach means we can adapt to projects of any size. We also provide collection of various waste products including civil, construction and demolition material, soils and sands and transport of high quality recycled road base, aggregates and sands.

Our innovative approach and investment in industry-leading technology has been recognised by The Waste Authority of Western Australia with a grant of $245,000 for our project at 95 Talbot Rd Hazelmere.

WA Recycling is licenced and accredited Department of Water, Environment & Regulation, (DWER), and holds an impeccable safety record in accordance with all Government and Safety Regulations.

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  • Disposal of Road Wastage & Haulage Services (PSP009-008)
  • Drainage Products (Supply of) (PSP009-009)
  • Recycled Construction & Demolition Materials (C&D) (PSP009-013)
  • Roadbase and Subbase (PSP009-018)

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Tony Gangemi , Director
95 Talbot Road, Hazelmere WA 6055
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