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Asset Management Consulting Services

Talis Consultants Pty Ltd is a Perth based consultancy formed in May 2012. The team consists of experienced experts in the disciplines of Asset Management, Waste Management and Spatial Sciences. Although a new presence in WA, Talis staff has been servicing WA Local Government for over 20 years and are intimately familiar with the current challenges that the industry face. It is through this considerable experience that they understand the unique characteristics specific to each individual local government, both metropolitan and rural.
Talis are a service driven consultancy that assists Local Government achieve their objectives. The Talis team members have a proven track record of being industry focused to ensure skills and knowledge are transferred. In addition to this, their team members have taken a proactive role in the promotion of asset management in Local Government by being part of industry body committees such as IPWEA and WALGA and through the support of industry initiatives.

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Supplier Asset Management Condition Assessment Asset Management Planning Asset Management Systems Consulting and Support Data Mapping & Reporting Data Management Technical Integrity Management Valuation (Other) Valuation (Property & Building)
Talis Consultants

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Dale Hughes , Director - Asset Management Section Leader
Level 1, 660 Newcastle Street, West leederville WA 6007

Natural Area Management and Environmental Consulting Services

Talis Consultants has a strong Local Government focus and provides specialist consultancy services. Talis is an organisation with diverse capabilities with a focus on the delivery of environmental services and waste management to the Local Government sector. Talis provide a range of services with a team of engineers and scientists committed to delivering project outcomes that are consistent with client’s objectives.

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Supplier Environmental Consulting Water Management Coastal Morphology, Foreshore Protection & Erosion Control Wetland Restoration (Artificial wetlands) Ecological Studies inc Flora, Vegetation, Fauna, Habitat Assessment & Monitoring Bushfire Risk Management Feral & Pest Animal Control Carbon Offset Services Contaminated Site Audit & Remediation Management Hazardous Materials Management Waste Management Consulting & Audit Services
Talis Consultants

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Andrew Mack , Associate Director/Environmental Services Section Leader
Level 1, 660 Newcastle Street, West Leederville WA 6007

Engineering Consulting Services

Talis is a niche consultancy with a strong local government focus providing specialist services in Asset Management, Environmental Services, Noise, Waste Management and Spatial Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Talis distinguishes itself through its extensive local experience and intimate knowledge of local government processes that allows our highly motivated team to deliver practical solutions.

Talis was established in July 2012 in West Perth and is an organisation with diverse capabilities with a focus on the delivery of a range consultancy services to the local government sector. Utilising our skills and outstanding reputation in relation to delivery of a range of engineering projects, Talis team members have gained significant experience across WA. Key to our success is the teams we are able to assemble to address the range of outcomes necessary for our clients. We draw expertise from State and Local Governments, Consulting and Industry and the proposed team for works required incorporates over 100 years’ combined experience and expertise.

A key point of difference for the Talis team is our overhead structure. This allows our most senior staff, including Directors and Principal Consultants, to be technically involved in all aspects of the work required by our local government clients. This is particularly important in terms of the work proposed which require assessment and sign-off at the highest level to verify compliance with the range of statutory obligations that are in place.

Talis has a strong commitment to ensuring the continuity of services to local government through the retention of key personnel. Particularly as a medium business, Talis recognises the value of our employees. Talis’ culture is to engage with staff members through a variety of forums, from regular performance reviews to social events, to maximise staff retention.

The Talis Waste Management team is the largest in the State which has ensured the delivery of engineering projects to our local government clients requirements within their expectations in terms of time, cost and quality.

Talis has successfully implemented a range of marketing activities that has been the back bone of our growth strategy to date. This has included increasing the awareness of our position on the WALGA Preferred Supplier Panels to date. The Talis Board is committed to continuing to implement and expand on these marketing activities to maximise the opportunities particularly within the local government sector.

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Supplier Road, Pavement and Footpath Engineering Traffic & Transport Engineering Marine & Coastal Engineering Geothermal Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Water Management Engineering Waste Management Engineering Environmental Health Engineering Electrical Engineering Fire Safety Engineering Structural Engineering Surveying Disaster Recovery Engineering (DRFA-WA) Project and Operations Management Aerodrome Management Materials Testing Arboriculture & Horticultural Consultancy Bridge Engineering
Talis Consultants

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John King , Director
Level 1, 660 Newcastle Street, West Lederville WA 6007
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