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Puma Energy are a global supplier with a local focus 

Puma Energy is a fast growing, vertically integrated midstream and downstream petroleum product supplier active in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Established in 1997, Puma Energy has grown to become one of the world's largest independent midstream and downstream oil companies operating in 49 countries globally. 

Puma Energy is one of Australia's largest independent fuel company since the acquisition and merger of major fuel businesses including; Ausfuel Gull, Neumann Petroleum, Matilda Fuels, Central Combined Group, Malpass Enterprises and Portsmith Fuels. We supply commercial customers and operate retail sites throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. 

Puma Energy specialise in the supply and transportation of petroleum products within regional and domestic markets, investing in, and operating, infrastructure along the supply chain to ensure in-house control over security of supply, cost efficiency in delivery and product quality assurance. 

Puma Energy operates a network of terminals and depots, and we are supported by an in-house transport and logistics business, Directhaul. While we have a large retail presence with more than 3,000 retail stations worldwide (450+ retail outlets across Australia), we consider our core business to be the supply of refined petroleum products to industrial customers, most notably in the mining, construction, government and power generation sectors. 

Puma Energy has a strong lubricants business worldwide, offering both own-brand Puma lubricants and for our industrial customers, the company has strategic alliances with Castrol and distributorships with other suppliers worldwide.

Together with our majority shareholder, Trafigura, we supply over 2.2 billion litres of ground fuels and aviation fuels to the Australian marketplace. We have a workforce of more than 1,300 focused on commercial supply relationships, retail operations, terminal and depot operations, and logistics services.

Puma Energy will utilise our leverage through Trafigura and favourable regional term contracts, supported by strong logistical capability to ensure supply of fuel to your operations are secure. 

One of the cornerstones of Puma Energy’s competitive advantage internationally is our ability to offer fully customised total fuel and lubricant solutions. Whether your business is construction, mining, agriculture, government, marine, transport, earthmoving or manufacturing, we’ll make sure we meet the unique needs of your operation. This includes fuel equipment, management systems, storage solutions and fuel cards. 

Commercial Division

Our commercial division is responsible for the establishment, monitoring and delivery of products and services to industries including mining, resources, government, power generation, agriculture, transport, marine and aviation. 

Our products and services include: 

  • National supply and delivery of fuel products, including:                                                                

    • “Mogas”: ULP (91 RON), PULP (95 RON), ULP98 (98 RON), E10 Unleaded, Low Aromatic Unleaded;

    • “Gasoil”: Diesel, Pumamax Premium Diesel, Next Gen Diesel;                                     

    • “Aviation”: Avgas, Jet A-1.

  • Puma Lubricants products range, including:

    • Heavy duty Diesel Engine Oils

    • Passenger Car Motor Oils

    • Automotive Gear Oils

    • Transmission Fluids

    • Hydraulic Oils

    • Industrial Gear Oils

    • Coolants and Brake Fluids

    • Bearing and Heavy Duty Greases

    • Detergents and Degreasers

  • In-house logistics

  • Regionally based Customer Service Coordinators to assist customers with ordering and scheduling deliveries

  • Credit facilities for approved customers

  • Fuel storage and pumping equipment, upgrades and maintenance

  • Customised fleet fuel card solutions and Extensive fuel card network

  • Turn Key Engineering service

  • On site visits for service and equipment advice to assist with compliance

  • Specialist advice on fuel and lubricant products

  • Expert advice on fuel management and health and safety issues

  • Support services for retailers and resellers

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  • Oils, Lubricants & Vehicle Care Products

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Mark Middleton , Sales Manager
Level 1, North Tower, Green Square, 515 Pauls Tce, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
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