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The Arbor Centre has been delivering highly qualified Tree Maintenance, Tree Transplanting, Below Ground and Consultancy Services to the public sector for more than three decades. All work is delivered through our team of qualified arborists. 

The business has four specialist divisions;

  • Consultancy (for example: Urban, Parks, Roads, New Developments)

  • Green Surgery (for example: Tree Pruning and Maintenance Services)

  • Tree Transplanting (for example: Supply and Installation, Onsite Relocations, Monitoring, Aftercare, Support, Warranties)

  • Surface & Subsoil (for example: Root Zone Investigation and Protection, Soil Health, Tree Performance Indicators)

Our Bagged Tree Services offer a competitively priced option for the selection, delivery and planting/installing of bag tree stock, whilst still benefiting from all of the quality knowledge and service that clients have come to expect from the Arbor Centre.

We remain dedicated to promoting excellence in tree care. This commitment requires our entire team to be trained and certified to high industry standards and to adhere to all relevant safety standards throughout each project. Safety is paramount in everything we do. 

Arbor Centre is highly regarded in the design and development of central urban areas where we assist in an advisory capacity making provision for trees from the outset. Our focus is on achieving excellence in the use of space and facilitating prolonged maintenance-free periods of surrounding hardscapes and road infrastructure for our public sector clients.

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Arbor Centre

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Chad Thompson , Head of Sales
PO Box 23, Forrestfield WA 6058
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