Road Building Contractors, Materials & Related Services

Road Building Contractors, Materials & Related Services

C017_18 - Expires 01/December/2020 Craig Hansom Procurement & Category Manager (08) 9213 2061

To support the procurement of Road Building Contractors, Materials and Related Services, This contract provides access to a panel of suitably qualified and experienced Preferred Suppliers  in twenty (20) category areas as follows:

  • Supply of Asphalt

  • Supply of Bitumen & Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing

  • Supply of Cement and Concrete Products

  • Road Crack Sealing

  • Disposal of Road Waste and Haulage Services

  • Supply of Drainage Pipes

  • Supply of Drainage Services

  • Supply of Erosion Control Stabilisation and Foreshore Protection

  • Supply of Fencing supplies and services

  • Pavement Construction, Kerbing and Associated Streetscape Works

  • Supply of Recycled Road-base Construction And Demolition Materials

  • Supply of Road Building Ancillary Supplies

  • Road building Minor and Major works

  • Supply of Road Profiling and Stabilisation Works

  • Supply of Road-base and Sub-base

  • Road Sweeping Services

  • Supply of Traffic Management Services

  • Supply of Traffic Signals

  • Utility Location Services

  • Wet and Dry Plant Hire

A full statement of the Scope of Services is available in the Contract Summary document in e-Quotes, including a list of appropriate specifications for these services.

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Aggregate, Cement & Concrete Products

Asphalt Supply & Services

Bitumen & Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing

Crack Sealing

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Disposal of Road Waste & Haulage Services

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