Parks & Gardens Goods & Services

Parks & Gardens Goods & Services

C038_17 - Expires 30/August/2021 Craig Grant Procurement Specialist (08) 9213 2037

WALGA has established a Preferred Supplier Arrangement for the provision of Goods, Services and Consultancy expertise to support the functional activity of the Local Government sector contained within the Parks and Gardens Environment.

This Preferred Supplier Arrangement makes a wide range of quality products and services available to Local Government at highly competitive rates.

Products and Services available through this Preferred Supplier Arrangement include, but are not limited to:

  • Mowing Services;
  • Weed Management, Pest/Rodent Control and Fertiliser Application Services;
  • Supply of General Parks and Gardens Goods;
  • Water Management Goods and Services;
  • Tree Maintenance Services;
  • Landscape, Infrastructure, Works and Maintenance;
  • Provision of General Parks and Gardens Services;
  • Turf, Supply, Installation and Maintenance;
  • Provision of Parks and Gardens Consultancy Services;
  • Trees and Nursery Plants Goods and Services; and
  • Playgrounds Goods and Services.

This contract is supported by a broad scope for each of the category areas and member conditions of contract.

Supplier representation includes both metropolitan and regional suppliers. Indigenous Business and Western Australian Disability Enterprises are also represented within this Preferred Supplier Arrangement.

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All Preferred Suppliers under this panel are required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supplier Arrangement.

WALGA has secured preferential Preferred Supplier discounts that generally represent greater value than individual Local Governments are able to obtain independently.

Conditions of Contract

The panel contract provides Member Contract Conditions for use with the Preferred Supplier Arrangement.  At the conclusion of the quotation process these conditions should be executed to comprise the Contract document for your engagement. A Short-Form Member Contract is also provided to facilitate the execution process.

Members must reference the WALGA contract and related Member conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers to ensure they are compliant with the WALGA exemption to the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations, 1996.

Landscape, Infrastructure, Works & Maintenance

Mowing Services

Parks & Gardens Consultancy Services

Provision of General Parks & Gardens Services

Supply of General Parks & Gardens Goods

Tree Maintenance Services

Trees & Nursery Plants Goods & Services

Turf - Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Water Management Goods & Services

Weed Management, Pest/Rodent Control & Fertiliser Application Services

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