Organic Composting Services

Organic Composting Services

C049_14 - Expires 17/January/2019 Brandon Pike Procurement Specialist (08) 9213 2519

Service Offering

WALGA has established this Preferred Supplier Contract to assist its Members to directly access Organic Composting Services from a prequalified panel of premium service providers. 

The Services of this Contract encompasses the provision of: 

(a)    Processing organic matter from Local Governments sources

(b)   Soil testing / analysis

(c)   Application of composted products or soil

(d)   Provision of clear guidance on rate of application

(e)   Provision of expert advice on which products to use in fit for purpose applications.

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All Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel.


Conditions of Contract 

A comprehensive set of Member General Conditions of Contract support this arrangement. This documentation is available for download via eQuotes. 

Members must reference the WALGA Conditions of Contract and related Member Conditions in all Communications with Preferred Suppliers.

Organic Composting Services

Preferred Suppliers

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