Office & Workplace Furniture & Fitout

Office & Workplace Furniture & Fitout

C050_12 - Expires 29/September/2019 Brandon Pike Procurement Specialist (08) 9213 2519

Service Offering

The Preferred Suppliers approved under this Panel offer a comprehensive range of goods and services to meet Local Government requirements. 

The category areas for supply under this Contract are: 

  • Interior Design Consulting - Includes architectural design services, work flow planning, ergonomics, interior engineering services planning, light and noise planning, colour consulting, Green Star interiors consulting, etc. 
  • Furniture Design Services - Includes work space planning and furniture design. 
  • Interior Fitout - Includes consultation, planning, scheduling, coordination, site supervision, customer liaison, management of professional tradespeople, etc. 
  • Workstations and Loose Furniture - Includes workstations, desks, tables, café furniture, reception furniture, library furniture and other loose types of furniture, including stools and chairs. 
  • Storage Furniture - Comprises fixed and mobile shelving and storage including compactus. 

Full details of the products and services offered by each Preferred Supplier, including the basket of goods and terms of trade are available on eQuotes.

Getting Quotations and Ordering

Online ordering is available from some Preferred Suppliers but in general it is recommended to seek quotations, ideally through eQuotes in order to secure best value from the Panel. 

WALGA Members must quote the relevant Contract reference number and refer to related Member Conditions of Contract in all communications with Preferred Suppliers. 

View qualified sub-categories

View pricing and conditions of contract


All Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel. 

The pricing under this Contract is aimed at achieving best “value for money” outcomes across the wide range of products and services. 

Local Governments can expect to benefit from discounts averaging 20% off the normal price of goods and services under this Contract. 

Each furniture Preferred Supplier has nominated and priced a basket of goods for this Contract, which is fixed in price for the first year of Contract. 

Consultants have provided various pricing mechanisms in order to offer best value to WALGA members and full details of tendered rates and prices are available on eQuotes.


Conditions of Contract 

Various Member Conditions have been approved under the Panel Contract to suit the variety of products and services that will be purchased under the Panel (from goods to consultancy services to minor or major works). Full details are available on eQuotes or by contacting the WALGA Contract Manager. 

Members must reference the WALGA Contract and related Member Conditions of Contract in all communications with Preferred Suppliers.

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