Natural Area Management and Environmental Consulting Services

Natural Area Management and Environmental Consulting Services

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Service Offering

WALGA has developed this Preferred Supplier Arrangement to support Members accessing technical expertise and consultancy relating to environmental strategy development.  The Contract delivers services and expertise to support the functional activity of the Lcoal Government sector in the following category areas;

 •            Environmental consulting

•             Water management

•             Coastal morphology, foreshore protection and erosion control

•             Wetland restoration

•             Ecological studies, including flora, vegetation, fauna, habitat assessment and monitoring

•             Fire risk management

•             Feral and pest animal control

•             Carbon Offset services

•             Contaminated Site Audit and Remediation Management

•             Hazardous Materials Management Services

•             Waste Management Consulting and Audit Services

 This contract is supported by a scope and technical definition for each of the category areas, and a broad range of generalist and specialist providers who have been prequalified and endorsed by WALGA to provide the capabilities, resources and experience requisite to Local Government environmental sustainability service requirements.

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All suppliers to this Panel have provided preferential market pricing that forms the basis of quotation.  Price methodologies and rates schedules for each supplier are accessible by Local Government buyers on eQuotes, and are maintained as current.  In some instances subcontractor rates are also incorporated into the rates schedules. 


Conditions of Contract 

WALGA has approved the AS 4122 – 2010, General Conditions of Contract for Consultants, as Member Conditions to this Contract. Copies of AS 4122 – 2010, General Conditions of Contract for Consultants can be obtained from SAI Global at It is the responsibility of the WALGA Member to appropriately license use of Australian Standards documentation. Members must reference the WALGA contract and related Member conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers.

Bushfire Risk Management

Carbon Offset Services

Preferred Suppliers

Coastal Morphology, Foreshore Protection & Erosion Control

Contaminated Site Audit & Remediation Management

Ecological Studies inc Flora, Vegetation, Fauna, Habitat Assessment & Monitoring

Feral & Pest Animal Control

Preferred Suppliers

Hazardous Materials Management

Waste Management Consulting & Audit Services

Wetland Restoration (Artificial wetlands)

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