Heritage Advisory Services

Heritage Advisory Services

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Service Offering

The Heritage Council of Western Australia recommends that Local Governments use Heritage Advisory Services to support the conservation of heritage places. 

WALGA has established a Preferred Supplier Panel in conjunction with the Heritage Council for the provision of Heritage Advisory Services. 

Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are engaged to support the conservation of heritage places by assisting Local Governments and their communities to effectively manage their heritage assets. 

Heritage Advisors appointed through the Panel work with Local Governments to develop and implement a heritage strategy for the effective management of heritage places. This provides a clear list of actions as well as a benchmark against which the Local Government and their community can assess the benefits of the investment in this valued local service. Typical duties of a Heritage Advisor include: 

  • Work with the Local Government to develop a heritage strategy and report on its implementation. 
  • Review existing heritage management, education and promotional arrangements for the area and, through the heritage strategy, make recommendations for improvement. 
  • Actively support the implementation of the heritage strategy. 
  • Training for Local Government officers and elected members. 
  • Advice on interpretation programs, heritage area studies, review of heritage inventories and similar activities. 
  • Integration of the heritage strategy with the Local Government strategic planning framework and business plan. 
  • Assistance with community engagement relating to heritage and the conservation or successful adaptation of heritage places. 
  • Assist the Local Government in taking proactive steps to promote the awareness, appreciation and understanding of heritage. This may include a service offering free advice to property owners relating to the heritage values of their property, the conservation of these values and other practical advice as required. 
  • Advise planning officers on the assessment of development referrals relating to heritage places and arrange any necessary training in heritage impact assessments, State Planning Policy 3.5 – Historic Heritage Conservation and other relevant areas. 
  • Provide information and advice on the availability of funding for heritage-based projects. Subject to Local Government approval, this may include assistance with the completion of funding applications. 
  • Provide advice on the care and maintenance of heritage assets in public ownership. 
  • Provide guidance on conducting a heritage survey, condition report, conservation study or heritage assessment, including the preparation of a brief or scoping document. This may include the completion of a conservation management strategy consistent with the guidelines issued by the Heritage Council. 
  • In relation to the review of a Local Government inventory, provide guidance and assistance through one or more of the following functions: 

-     offering workshops, training or other activities to further the understanding and acceptance of the review as part of the strategic planning process of the Local Government; how it will be managed, who will participate, how public participation will take place and similar relevant requirements; 

-     preparation of a consultants brief for commissioning quotes or competitive tenders; 

-     where the project is being managed in-house and using Local Government or community resources, provide    professional advice to identify the level of cultural heritage significance that should be assigned to each place; and 

-     review the draft document and provide feedback to the project manager.

Managing a Heritage Advisory Service

The Heritage Advisor is contracted by the Local Government and their advice and actions should be consistent with the Burra Charter or accepted best practice in heritage conservation. The role of the Heritage Advisor should be independent, with advice based upon heritage outcomes and free of political or commercial bias. 

Local Governments should make efforts to ensure that Heritage Advisory Services are available to owners and community groups where practical. In the event of conflict on heritage matters, the Advisor may be an effective mediator and will generally avoid taking a public stance on any side of a contentious debate. It may be of benefit to allow the Heritage Advisor to speak publicly in support of heritage conservation. 

The Heritage Advisory Service is not intended for project work that requires input from a range of professions, such as the development of a conservation management plan or the completion of a Local Government inventory review. The Advisor can assist in development of project outlines or, where they are being undertaken using existing Local Government resources, provide guidance (as detailed above). In general, however, it is expected that such projects will be contracted out through a competitive and compliant market process.


The Heritage Council recognises that many Local Governments, particularly in regional Western Australia, will find it difficult to fund the operation of a Heritage Advisory Service without external support. 

Local Governments are able to apply to the Heritage Council for a subsidy of 50 - 75% subject to a number of conditions. 

For further information about eligibility and requirements for obtaining a subsidy for Heritage Advisory Services, visit eQuotes at the following weblink: www.vendorpanel.com.au

Further Information

For general advice and assistance on Heritage Advisory Services, please contact the Local Government Services branch at the State Heritage Office.

State Heritage Office

Address:              Bairds Building, 491 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000

Telephone:          (08) 6552 4000

Contact:               Callum Crofton, Manager Local Government Services

Freecall:              1800 524 000

Email:                   lgs@stateheritage.wa.gov.au

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All Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel.


Conditions of Contract 

Comprehensive General Conditions of Contract that support this arrangement are available on request. Members must reference the WALGA Contract and related Member Conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers.

Heritage Advisory Services

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