Energy Services

Energy Services

C023_16 - Expires 29/June/2020 Andrew Blitz Procurement & Category Manager (08) 9213 2046

This contract delivers WALGA Members an integrated range of Energy supply and related services. The following categories apply to this Panel: 

• Category 1 – Supply of Contestable Electricity

• Category 2 – Supply of Contestable Gas

• Category 3 – Supply of LED Luminaires and Public Lighting

• Category 4 – Supply of Sustainable Energy Generation Infrastructure

• Category 5 – Supply of Electrical Contracting and Public Lighting Maintenance Services

• Category 6 – Supply of Energy Consulting and Ancillary Energy Services

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Member Conditions 

A Shortform Contract has been applied to this Preferred Supplier Arrangement.  Contract terms and the executable Shortform document are appended to the Panel.  Please refer to the Contract Summary for information on how to contract a successful quotation, or contact the WALGA Contract Manager for more details.

Contestable Electricity

Preferred Suppliers

Contestable Gas

Preferred Suppliers

Electrical Contracting & Public Lighting Maintenance

Energy Consulting & Ancillary Services

LED Luminaries & Public Lighting

Preferred Suppliers

Sustainable Energy Generation Infrastructure

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