Contestable Energy

Contestable Energy

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Service Offering

The energy market in Western Australia is regulated by the Economic Regulation Authority. Supplies over a regulatory threshold are contestable to the market within certain geographic areas. 

Since the inception of the WALGA energy Contract, WALGA has contracted more than $30 million worth of annual contestable energy supply to the Local Government market, delivering aggregate savings that range from 10 - 22% discount off the gazetted tariff. 

WALGA has appointed nine (9) suppliers to this Panel. Seven (7) of the panellists are licensed Energy Retailers. Additionally COzero provides carbon offsets for renewable energy (decoupled Green Power) and Enigin combine the resale of supply along with associated infrastructure under an approved license exemption. 

There are four (4) suppliers to the panel that have a license for the supply of contestable retail gas; Alinta Energy, Kleenheat, Perth Energy, and Synergy. 

WALGA delivers equitability across its Panel. Each Local Government’s requirements will differ given their load size, usage pattern, level and structure of Green Power purchased, and other variables, in addition to qualitative and service level requirements. It is an autonomous decision on the part of each Local Government to determine the supplier of their choice. Professional and external consulting services are facilitated by WALGA to support the review and analysis of quotations received.

Sustainable Procurement

Energy is a supply area where Local Governments can demonstrate an environmentally sustainable commitment. Both accredited and alternative forms of Green Power can be supplied under this Contract, with the flexibility to determine and adjust the portion of Green Power obtained on a site by site basis. Attractive price offerings for Green Power have been acquired for the sector through this Contract.

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All Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are contractually obliged to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel. Some suppliers apply fixed pricing on a cents per kWH basis, which is quoted on the basis of a forward estimate. Other models include a discount against the published tariff, or a combination of fixed and variable charge rates. 

Pricing under this Contract for each supplier is determined by each load profile on a site by site basis and subject to a quotation process. 

A summary of the pricing structures applied is available within the Buyers Guide documentation. 

Models include standard Electricity retail supply contracts of up to three (3) years duration. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for the development of sustainable energy infrastructure and associated energy buyback are also included. The PPA contracts can be longer term arrangements that span a ten (10) year supply period and beyond. 

Reticulated gas supplies are also quoted on a consumption basis through an analysis of load profile.


Conditions of Contract 

WALGA has pre-qualified Energy Supply Agreements (ESA) documentation for use within this Contract that are specific to each retailer. These documents are periodically reviewed and updated and accessible through eQuotes. Members must reference the WALGA Contract and related Member Conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers.

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