Business Systems Software and Services

Business Systems Software and Services

C032_16 - Expires 18/August/2020 Danielle Buitenhuis Procurement Specialist 9213 2009

WALGA has established a Preferred Supplier Arrangement (PSA) with a focus on Business Systems Software & Services (BSSS) (Contract reference number: C032_16). The PSA covers three (3) categories: Business Systems Software, Maintenance and Support, and Associated Services. The category descriptions are as follows:

Category 1 – Business Systems Software

This category will cater for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. Within these two sub-categories, it will also include a soft categorisation tool to assist with easy identification of the types of systems suppliers are able to provide. These include the following breakdown:

  • Facilities Management Systems;

  • Financial Management Systems;

  • Records / Document Management Systems;

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems;

  • Asset Management Systems;

  • Client Relationship Management Systems;

  • Tender, Procurement and Contract Management Systems;

  • Geographic Information Systems; and

  • Human Resource Systems.

Category 2 – Maintenance and Support

This category will encompass the maintenance and support for new, or existing Business Systems Software.

Category 3 – Associated Services

This category includes implementation, integration, customisation, upgrade and other services as required in relation to the Business Systems Software.

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