Asset Management Consulting Services

Asset Management Consulting Services

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Service Offering

WALGA’s Preferred Supply Panel for Asset Management Consultancy Services provides a range of strategic and technical services to support Local Government activities. The service categories that can be purchased under this Panel are: 

  • Valuation (Property & Building): This consulting category is for the provision of Property & Building valuation services. This category of valuation has specific licencing requirements that should be articulated by suppliers.
  • Valuation (Other): This category is for the provision of asset valuation services, other than Property & Building. This may be used for, but not limited to the asset classes listed below.
  • Asset Management Planning: This category is used for consulting services for the development of asset management plans and related services, including (but not limited to) defining level of services and risk management. These services may be linked to the development of the Integrated Planning Framework and Fair Value Accounting practices.
  • Asset Management Condition Assessment: This category is used to provide services relating to the condition assessment of physical assets. This service may include (for example) the evaluation of asset condition and the development of reports to address asset management and remedial actions.
  • Data Mapping and Reporting: This category is specifically for the development of reporting and/or mapping activities relating to assets. Services delivered under this category are used to represent asset data for better comprehension and management by appropriate stakeholders.
  • Data management: This category is for the provision of data management services relating to asset data that is stored in one or more Asset Management repositories. This may be provided as a bureau service or using other delivery mechanisms.
  • Asset Management System Consulting and Support: This category is for the consulting and support specifically relating to the (best practice) utilisation of Asset Management systems.
  • Technical integrity management: This category is for services relating to the technical integrity of assets that are focused on minimising asset failure and unplanned downtime. Typically this would be for the development of technical integrity plans and associated management techniques rather than the actual assessment of physical assets. 


Local Governments are responsible for a wide ranging portfolio of assets and services that it delivers to communities to meet their needs and expectations. These assets and services require effective management so that Local Governments can continue to provide service delivery in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner to present and future generations. 

Classes of asset management required by Local Government include (but are not limited to): 

(a)    Building valuations;

(b)   Civil structures, eg; seawalls, bridges, carparks, including condition surveys, data collection, planning, inspection and testing;

(c)    Waste, eg; landfills, including condition surveys;

(d)   Public open spaces, eg; parks, paths, including condition surveys, lighting, reticulation system condition surveys, tree risk management inspections, condition surveys;

(e)   Land, including land management services;

(f)    Stormwater / drainage, including data acquisition and condition surveys;

(g)    Roads and pavements, including road condition surveys, traffic counting, road data acquisition and upload, network modelling and works programming;

(h)   Property and buildings, including condition surveys, renewal programs, universal access programs, asbestos management programs, thermographic inspections and testing;

(i)     Street furniture, including street lighting surveys 

Benefits of the WALGA Contract

Local Governments are able to directly access Asset Management Consultancy Services on the basis of a competitive quotation process under the Panel. Contract users are invited to present a specification to Preferred Suppliers which can be responded to with a proposal and quotation through eQuotes. 

WALGA has secured Preferred Supplier rates which include discounted hourly consultancy fees and disbursement charges. WALGA has also undertaken a due diligence exercise and pre-qualified the competency for each Panellist to deliver services within selected asset classes. 

Through its team of procurement professionals, WALGA will contract manage and support the activity of its appointed Preferred Suppliers. 

Further Information

Full contract information including provider details, rates, insurances, terms, etc. is available on eQuotes ( and contactinformation is available on the products and services page of the WALGA website.

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All Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel. 

WALGA has secured preferential Preferred Supplier rates which include discounted hourly consultancy fees and disbursement charges that represent greater value than individual Local Governments are able to obtain independently.


Conditions of Contract  

The panel contract provides Member Contract Conditions for use with the Preferred Supplier Arrangement.  At the conclusion of the quotation process these conditions should be executed to comprise the Contract document for your engagement. A Short-Form Member Contract is also provided to facilitate the execution process. 

Alternatively, members can utilise their own Conditions of Contract, or other commercially available ones, such as AS-4122. 

Members must reference the WALGA contract and related Member conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers to ensure they are compliant with the WALGA exemption to the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations, 1996.

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