Advertising Master Media Agency Services

Advertising Master Media Agency Services

C017_14A - Expires 29/June/2019 Andrew Blitz Procurement & Category Manager (08) 9213 2046

All Local Government media buying and placement will be centralised through this Preferred Supply Contract.

This includes the production and despatch of classified / transaction advertising including recruitment, statutory notices and community advertising.

Service Offering 

This Preferred Supply Contract provides for Advertising Placement and Media Buying. The scope of services delivered under this category include: 

  • Undertake the booking, production, dispatch and placement of classified advertising, including recruitment adverts, community advertising and statutory / legal notices.
  • Provide Local Governments with an online media booking and ad builder / ad management system.
  • Provide dedicated in-house media planning and a fully integrated advertising and buying consultancy for all types of applicable advertising. This includes metropolitan, regional and national newspapers; specified magazines and journals; specialised publications; digital and online; billboards; television; radio; cinema; and outdoor.
  • Management of all WALGA’s media contracts with various media organisations and undertaking all media rate negotiations.
  • Provision of value-add initiatives to Local Governments using media contracts as part of the strategy of delivering greater value to WALGA Members.
  • Manage all of WALGA’s Media Contracts with various media organisations that are utilised by Members.
  • Undertake media monitoring to ensure proof of ad appearance by either sighting the ad or running an electronic appearance checking report. 

Marketforce/OMD has been appointed as the sole media agency to purchase media on behalf of Local Government. This includes all forms of media such as: 

  • Print/press Advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Out of Home Advertising
  • Cinema Advertising

Marketforce will manage of all WALGA’s media Contracts with various media organisations and undertake all media rate negotiations to ensure that Local Governments can access the most advantageous discount rates for all advertising. 

OMD, as Marketforce’s dedicated media planning and buying partner, will be the point of contact for any Preferred Supplier seeking to book media on a Local Governments’ behalf. 

The benefits of this Contract include: 

  • Dedicated Local Government team: experienced and well-resourced team of professionals solely focused on managing and servicing Members via the WALGA Preferred Supply Contract.
  • Dedicated in-house media buying: for all advertising, promotion and marketing through WALGA’s Preferred Supply Panel.
  • Media/channel planning services: for all advertising by Local Governments.
  • Competitive Advertising Rates: access to optimal rates across all media.
  • Value-Add Benefits: significant value-add benefits exclusively for Members.
  • Aggregated Supply: Achieves optimal benefits for Local Governments, including the greatest negotiating power, terms and conditions that reflect the specific needs of the whole sector.
  • Online ad-building and booking system - 24/7 access to an online media booking and ad builder / ad management system (ADSplus) that is user-friendly and fully operational across all Local Governments.
  • Whole-of-Sector Promotion and Marketing: Member use of this Contract supports the running of state-wide television and newspaper promotional campaigns that are focused on improving the public perception of Local Government, promoting the Local Government sector as an employer of choice and lobbying State and Federal Governments.

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Each year WALGA undertakes media negotiations in conjunction with Marketforce to secure aggregate whole of sector rates based on total spend. These rates can be accessed through the ADSplus billing system or by contacting the Marketforce Account Manager.

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