(Old) Road Building Materials Related Services

(Old) Road Building Materials Related Services

C033_13 - Expires 27/February/2019 Craig Hansom Procurement & Category Manager chansom@walga.asn.au (08) 9213 2061

The Suppliers on this panel will be progressively migrated to the new Roads panel (C017_18) as they sign their contract. Once all the approved suppliers have been migrated then this panel (C033_13) will be closed.

If necessary, Buyers can send requests to suppliers on both panels, but taking note to execute the appropriate contract when awarding. Contract C017_18 should take precedence if the supplier is on that panel.

Any contracts awarded through this panel (C033_13) remain in effect until the Contract with the Member is complete or expires, regardless of when this panel Contract expires (27 February 2019).

Any questions should be directed to the Contract Manager noted above.

Service Offering

Local Government road building and maintenance and associated activity accounts for approximately one fifth of Local Government expenditure. The Local Government road network represents 72% of the roads in the State of Western Australia. Local Government roads are estimated to include 55,000 km of bitumen or concrete roads and 56,000 km of gravel roads, however this accounts for less than one third of the entire road network, the remaining two thirds being unsealed roads. The network value of the Local Government roads is estimated to be in excess of $19 billion. 

To support the procurement of road building supplies and services, WALGA’s Road Building Contract delivers supplies in twenty (20) category areas as follows: 

  • Asphalt

  • Bitumen and Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing

  • Cement and Concrete Products

  • Crack Sealing

  • Disposal of Road Waste and Haulage Services

  • Drainage Pipe Supply

  • Drainage Services

  • Erosion Control and Foreshore Protection

  • Fencing

  • Pavement Construction, Kerbing and Associated Streetscape Works

  • Recycled Road Base Construction and Demolition Materials (C&D)

  • Road Building Ancillary Supplies

  • Road Profiling and Stabilisation Works

  • Road Sweeping Services

  • Roadbase and Subbase

  • Roadbuilding Minor and Major works

  • Traffic Management Services

  • Traffic Signals

  • Utility Location Services

  • Wet and Dry Plant Hire

Local Governments can use this contract to meet whole of project needs, or to source the supply of goods and services on an as needs basis to support road construction activity. 

In addition to providing procurement process benefits, price discounts and alternative supply options, WALGA is able to provide Members with an extensive range of support resources to assist with contracting under this arrangement. This includes a model Contract template for the provision of Goods, General Services and Minor Works, and a set of best practice specification documentation. The template specifications have been developed by industry experts and endorsed by relevant industry bodies including IPWEA, Main Roads and AAPA. 

How to Contract

Supplier information including product and services, technical information, and price schedules can be accessed as commercial in confidence within eQuotes. The specifics of each project inclusive of mobilisation costs are determined on the basis of quotation.

The WALGA Member Conditions for this Contract are also within eQuotes and available through the Contract Summary package. To contract a preferred quotation the annexures of the contract template require completion. Guidance notes are available to support the contracting.

WALGA recommends that this Contract is used in lieu of annual and biannual supply contracts on an as-needs basis to ensure that best value for money is derived from the quotation process. 

Contract Development

Further supply categories and supplier appointments are being made to this contract during 2015. Please refer to eQuotes and the WALGA website for a current list of suppliers.

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Each Supplier to the WALGA Contract has submitted preferential pricing and indicated value over and above standard market rates through their Preferred Supplier offer. Price Schedules relating to goods and services, and where appropriate, rates cards are visible as commercial in confidence information within eQuotes. The specifics of each project inclusive of mobilisation costs are determined on the basis of quotation.



Bitumen & Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing

Cement & Concrete Products

Crack Sealing

Preferred Suppliers

Disposal of Road Waste & Haulage Service

Drainage Pipe Supply