All Local Governments that are Members of WALGA are able to purchase goods, services and works through the extensive WALGA Preferred Supplier Panels (PSPs).

These contracts are categorised into key activity areas, and currently deliver and annual spend of $380 million worth of goods, services and works to WALGA Members. 


PSP-Value-Multiplier-cropped-(2).jpg Preferred Supplier Panels include:

 - Information and Communications Technologies

 - Engineering, Environmental and Technical Consultancy

 - Professional Consultancy Services

 - Financial and Corporate Services

 - Leisure, Cultural and Community Services

 - Fleet

 - Waste and Energy

 - Workplace Goods and Services

 - Roads, Infrastructure and Depot Services

 - Parks and Gardens

 - Temporary Labour and Recruitment

Benefits to Members in accessing PSPs:
 - save time by avoiding the need to undertake a tender process

 - have confidence that the necessary due diligence has been    

   carried out on all preferred suppliers 

 - support if an issue arises with a supplier; and

 - costs savings by getting the best price available from the 

   supplier in the market.

WALGA achieves the lowest price guarantee as a contractual requirement of all companies as part of the conditions of being endorsed as a preferred supplier. There is no cost to Councils for accessing the Preferred Supplier Panels.

Changes to the Preferred Supplier program are currently being phased in to provide for simpler contract terms, ease of access, agility to on-board suppliers, and to maintain the currency of information and supplier benefits.

New Preferred Supplier Program

WALGA has undertaken a revitalisation and restructure of its Preferred Supplier Program. Changes have been made to modernise the Preferred Supplier contracts, recognising the need to provide greater agility, ease of access, and broader market reach.

PSP-wheel-2-CROPPED.jpg More frequent tendering
WALGA Panels will be open for Tender at regular intervals to facilitate contemporary and relevant panels that are current to local economic activity and meet the supply and demand requirements of WALGA Members.

Supplier Value
A greater focus will be placed on supplier value to the Local Government sector through supply rates and price methodology.

Simplified Contract Terms
WALGA has undertaken a legal review and redrafting of its Panel Contract Terms and Conditions. The contract has been simplified to focus on the core elements of the Preferred Supplier relationship and deliver a more equitable framework.

A new set of General Procurement Conditions has been drafted with the intent that WALGA Members can issue a purchase order against simplified terms for a significant volume of their Preferred Supplier transactions. Where there is a need for departures, additional annexures and complex contracting options have been retained.

Consolidation of Panels and Reviewed Services Scope
WALGA has reduced the number of Preferred Supplier Panels from 38 to 11. The subcategories have been reclassified and consolidated for ease of access and to reduce ambiguity about which Contract should be selected in a quotation environment.

The scope of services for each category have been reviewed and reformatted to provide clarity and to capture minimal technical standards at a prequalification level.

Rolling Contract Terms
The introduction of rolling two year Contract terms following the initial Tender for prequalification has been introduced. A simplified process for supplier review and due diligence will be undertaken at the end of each Contract term.

WALGA has established a new Commercial Management team that will have an increased focus on Member and supplier engagement with Local Government buyers.


Interested in joining one of our panels? Register here  for a notification when these panels are seeking new suppliers.

WALGA develops new Preferred Supplier contracts according to a pre-determined schedule. Each development involves a process of market research, followed by a public tender process. WALGA is unlikely to enter into a Preferred Supplier Contract unless it is economically viable. To determine this, WALGA assesses Local Government demand, the risk and complexity of the supply, potential aggregate turnover, and identification of Preferred Supplier value. 

Preferred Supplier Tenders are advertised in the West Australian Local Government tenders section (Wednesday and Saturday).  Suppliers can also register at no charge for automatic notification of WALGA calls for tender within nominated category areas on .