WALGA delivers a wide range of products and services by harnessing the collective purchasing power of Local Government. Access is provided to a range of goods and services on terms more favorable than would be available to each Local Government individually.

This is achieved through conducting commercial negotiations on behalf of Members and exploring strategic partnering, as well as providing guidance on purchasing and tendering issues.

In addition to accessing WALGA Preferred Supplier Agreements, Members can use eQuotes to manage their local suppliers. eQuotes can be used to manage a range of supplier relationship types, from formally selected panels to pre-qualified Supplier lists or informal Contractor pools.

If you have other categories you would like us to consider for a preferred supplier arrangement, please let us know by contacting preferredsupplier@walga.asn.au.

Benefits of the Preferred Supplier Program

Value for Money

Delivers significant value to Members through Preferred Supplier Contracts.

Best Price Guarantee

Preferred Suppliers are contractually bound to provide their best price and conditions to Members purchasing through WALGA. So significant financial savings can be achieved.

Tender Exemption

Purchasing through WALGA means that you don’t have to tender. A tender exemption applies to all of our Preferred Supplier Contracts. This saves on time, money and risks associated with tendering.

Quality Suppliers

Through the competitive tender process, the most appropriate suppliers are awarded a contract to provide Members with direct access to the brands they want across all categories.

Quality Procurement

All our Contracts are established by procurement specialists using a rigorous public and compliant market process. Our Preferred Suppliers are pre-qualified to provide Members with the safeguard of a quality-assured process, legal compliance, probity, risk mitigation and security of supply.

Quality Contract Management 

Preferred Supplier Contracts are managed by our contract specialists to ensure optimal performance, best pricing and full compliance. This means Members are not caught up with contractual disputes costing time and money.

Prefered Supplier Program Process Maps


Interested in joining one of our panels? Register here  for a notification when these panels are seeking new suppliers.

WALGA develops new Preferred Supplier contracts according to a pre-determined schedule. Each development involves a process of market research, followed by a public tender process. WALGA is unlikely to enter into a Preferred Supplier Contract unless it is economically viable. To determine this, WALGA assesses Local Government demand, the risk and complexity of the supply, potential aggregate turnover, and identification of Preferred Supplier value. 

Preferred Supplier Tenders are advertised in the West Australian Local Government tenders section (Wednesday and Saturday).  Suppliers can also register at no charge for automatic notification of WALGA calls for tender within nominated category areas on www.tenderlink.com/walga .