WALGA provides advice and assistance to Local Governments on a range of issues relating to planning functions including local planning schemes, planning policies, statutory planning procedures, building, housing, and urban development.

The Planning Improvement Program (PIP) Portal hosts WALGA’s current planning related materials including advocacy submission  and resources for Local Government planners. The portal also hosts an online forum, enabling members to interact with other Local Government planners, share news, views, and general matters of interest within the planning sphere.

WALGA’s LGmap provides access to a range of data relevant to strategic and statutory land use planning. It is designed to increase efficiency in meeting regulatory requirements associated with delivery of Local Government infrastructure projects.

Current planning projects and programs

Planning Improvement

WALGA’s State Council has committed to the development of a Local Government Planning Improvement Program to identify opportunities for improvement within current systems and processes.  The program develops model strategies, policies and tools for improvement of planning and building services provided by Local Government in the areas of:

  • Business and approvals processes
  • Policy and plan making 
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Coordination of infrastructure and land use planning
  • Organisational changes management; and
  • Elected member knowledge of planning legislation and responsibilities.

WALGA engages with its Members to assist in delivering planning improvements with interested members of the Local Government sector.

Review of new Planning Legislation and Policies

One of the ways WALGA supports the Local Government sector is by reviewing new and/or proposed planning legislation (for example the R-Codes, State Planning Policies and Liveable Neighbourhoods) and making submissions to the State and Federal Governments on matters affecting Local Government on behalf of the sector.

When making a submission, WALGA will seek Member feedback to form an 'interim submission' which is then presented to WALGA's State Council for endorsement.

Link to Third Party Appeal Rights for decisions made by Development Assessment Panels.

Building Act 2011

The implementation of the Building Act occurred on the 2 April 2012. Since its introduction, WALGA has been advocating on behalf of the sector for additional amendments to the Act and Regulations, to provide the consistency and clarity that the sector requires.

Online Local Government Planners Forum

WALGA hosts an online forum where Local Government planners can share ideas and experiences and seek input from other Local Government planners on improvements to the planning framework.

WALGA's  aspirations for the PIP Portal are:

  • to keep content clear, concise and helpful -  we know this is a particularly demanding time for both you and your local government
  • to provide an engaging online resource for interaction between fellow Local Government planners -  sharing experiences on your improvement measures presents opportunities for resource savings and change readiness
  • that it best reflects the Local Government Planning sector's most pressing priorities -  we value your feedback on how we can improve the PIP Portal and keep it relevant to your changing needs, and
  • through this, to support Local Government in ensuring better outcomes through consistency and efficiency

To access the WALGA Planning Improvement Program (PIP) Portal click here.