Livable and Inclusive Communities (LIC) are an ideal community to strive for. It means that:

  • All people have access to quality community necessities and amenities
  • All people, regardless of any difference, have the same opportunities to take part in all aspects of community life
  • All people, regardless of any difference, have a sense of belonging and respect in the community  

Local Government  takes a community development approach to creating inclusive communities. Community Development is a process based on social justice and mutual respect and assists Local Government to work with their communities to develop active, sustainable and supportive environments in which people live and work.

Local Government works in partnership with the Age Friendly framework. The WA State government has demonstrated a willingness to work with Local Governments to ensure a coordinated and evidence-based approach to strategic planning for local communities. It’s about being inclusive.

Planning better spaces for young people; investing in infrastructure to support older Australians, and their carers, taking a participatory approach to enable  people with disabilities to enjoy  public spaces; providing programs that improve and support better quality of life.