Changing Places Grants Program

The Department of Communities, Disability Services (formerly Disability Services Commission), WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and National Disability Services WA (NDS WA) partnered to deliver the WA Changing Places Grant Program, which provided funding to Local Governments to support the construction of a network of Changing Places across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

Changing Places will improve access to and inclusion in the community for a wide range of people who cannot be away from their home for any length of time because of their personal hygiene needs. Changing Places provide people with disability, or with other continence needs, increased inclusion and participation in everyday life including employment, travel, recreation, holidays and events. Changing Places will benefit people with disability, their families and carers as well as other members of the community.

Changing Places Video - Creating Inclusive Communities

WALGA has developed a video as part of the Changing Places Grant Program. The video is intended to complement the existing videos by Changing Places Australia and demonstrate the valuable investment that Changing Places can be for communities. The video is intended to encourage prospective facility owners to construct Changing Places so that people with disability have better access to their communities and reaffirm their value and contribution as members of the community.

A link to the video 'Changing Places: A valuable investment for communities' can be found  here.

Changing Places Toolkit

CODE Access Consultants have worked with WALGA and Local Governments to develop the Changing Places Toolkit. The document aims to assist Local Governments with all aspects of establishing a Changing Place.

Changing Places Risk Planning Guide

WALGA has also developed a Risk Planning Guide to support Local Governments in developing their own risk management plan for Changing Places.

The Guide can be found below:
Changing Places Risk Planning Guide