Inclusive communities are where all members feel valued and have the opportunity to fully participate in the life of that community. In simple terms, a socially inclusive community is one in which everyone can enjoy the opportunity of participation be it in sport, culture, work or learning; where more people are ‘one of us’ than ‘one of them’.

Age Friendly Communities

Age friendly communities are those that are inclusive and accessible for people of all ages. This encompasses spaces and places and programs and initiatives that make a community better for all residents - from children and young people to seniors. Read more here.

Move it Aus Grant Application

WALGA is part of an Advisory Group with Western Australian Centre for Rural Health (WACRH) that has submitted an application as part of the Move it Aus Better Ageing Grants Program, of which $2 million is available through the Grant Program. The Program objective is to increase access to and uptake of age-appropriate sport and physical activity for older people residing in regional, rural and remote WA.
The project is being delivered in partnership with number of other organisations including the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSCI).

Applicants will be advised in December.

A link to the submission can be found here.

CALD Communities

Local Governments have a significant role to play in ensuring that all refugees and new migrants feel welcomed and included; understand their rights and responsibilities; participate in our democracy and are supported with appropriate services in the local community. Read more here.

LIC Communities

Livable and Inclusive Communities (LIC) are an ideal community to strive for. Read more here.

Disability Inclusive Communities

Local Governments possess a high level of expertise in disability and have policies and processes in place to promote and increase access and participation. Read more here.

Changing Places

WALGA is proud to have developed the Changing Places video as part of the Changing Places Grant Program
The video is intended to demonstrate the valuable investment that Changing Places can be for communities. Hopefully, the video will encourage prospective facility owners to construct a Changing Place so that people with disability have better access to their communities and reaffirm their value and contribution as members of the community.  

The Changing Places Grant Program was funded by the Disability Services (formerly the Disability Services Commission), administered by WALGA and delivered in partnership with the National Disability Services (NDS) WA.
A link to the video can be found below:
Changing Places: A valuable investment for communities
Thank you to Harinder, as well as Symon and his family for participating in the video. Thank you also to Landmark and Modus for your valuable contributions