Road Safety Management System for local roads

The State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement 2018/19 to 2022/23 requires Main Roads WA and WALGA to work with the Regional Road Groups to establish a Road Safety Management System to suit the needs of Local Government. The system is proposed to be used by all Local Governments to assess Black Spot and Grant funded projects for their delivery of road safety criteria.

The road safety management system is a framework that enables Safe System principles to be applied to Black Spot and Grant funded projects on local roads identified in the Roads 2030 document.

WALGA and Main Roads WA have developed a data collection matrix to gather specific information from Local Governments in the South West Region early in 2019. Analysis of this data will inform the scope of works required to develop a road safety management system for local roads. Initially, the system will be trialled in the South West Region.

Development of a Model Policy Template for Works or Events in the Local Government Road Reserve

The requirement for notifications, approval and management of works and events in the road reserve is an important responsibility of Local Government to ensure the safety of road users and workers. Currently these responsibilities are specified in different documents causing confusion for Local Governments, utility providers and contractors.

Requests from Local Governments and utility providers prompted WALGA to develop a draft model policy template to assist Local Governments frame consistent and robust policy in support of local laws to govern works or events in the local road reserve or on land owned by a Local Government. The draft model policy template was released to the sector and other interested parties for feedback, which closed in November 2018.

Analysis of the feedback will frame the final version of the draft model policy template due for release in early 2019.

Austroads Project SAG6127 – Local Government Safety Guidance

Managing road safety on local roads is a challenging task for Local Governments given the vastness and diversity of the local road network. While there are various road safety publications available from Austroads and other sources to assist Local Governments, the objective of this project is to consolidate relevant road safety research and knowledge into a concise document with links to detailed guidance.

A working group consisting of representatives from Local Governments and Associations throughout Australia teleconferenced in December 2018 and endorsed a scoping document and next steps.

Local Governments and Associations represented on the working group will identify what road safety activities are undertaken and what road safety activities are not undertaken due to lack of funding, time or resources. This information will identify what road safety activities and associated activities are key to Local Government so relevant research/guidance resources can be sourced and consolidated.

Dissemination of project outcomes is due to commence in August 2019.