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Current Issues

Gift Provisions

The Local Government sector has experienced growing frustrations with the controversy which now surrounds the obligation to declare gifts, and what constitutes a gift, following the release of the March Departmental Governance Bulletin.

WALGA, in partnership with the Local Government Managers Australia, has obtained legal advice in respect of the matters raised by the Department of Local Government and Communities in relation to Local Government Sector gift provisions.

The legal advice assisted in providing clarification in response to the Department’s interpretation of the Gift provisions that were presented in Governance Bulletin 11. The legal advice verified the need for regulatory amendment.

An InfoPage detailing WALGA State Council’s decision on dealing with this issue is available here.

The Minister has already committed his Department to a review of the Act and Regulations to overcome the difficulties highlighted by WALGA and the LGMA.  WALGA will be using this advice in working with the Department to develop specific recommendations on how the Act and regulations should be revised to achieve a workable solution.