WALGA coordinates the appointment of Local Government representatives to a range of Local, State and Federal Government Boards and Committees on behalf of the Local Government sector.

WALGA’s Selection Committee utilises a transparent, robust, and merit-based nomination and selection process to ensure that the most qualified candidates are put forward to represent the Local Government sector.

Please see below for current vacancies: 

  • Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) - for more information click  here .
    • Member and Deputy Member
  • WA Local Government Grants Commission  - for more information click here .
    •  Country Urban Member and Deputy (Cities and Towns - Non Metropolitan)
  • Local Health Authorities Analytical Committee (LHAAC) - for more information click here .
    •  Non-Metropolitan Member
  • State Library Board of Western Austrlalia - for more information click here .
    •  Metropolitan Member
  • Municipal Waste Advisory Council/Officers Advisory Group (OAG) - for more information click here .
    • Metropolitan Local Government Officer

Nominations close Friday, 1 March.

For more information, email Governance Support Officer or call (08) 9213 2013.

Important information:

When applying for a vacancy, all nominations are required to be provided with:

  • Completed Nomination Form;

  • Statement addressing the Selection Criteria; and

  • CV (maximum two pages).