WALGA runs the Local Government Honours Program to recognise the most valuable and committed members of our community.

This year's program opens Tuesday 20 March until Friday 11 May 2018.

There are six categories of awards:

The Local Government Medal and the Life Membership Award recognise outstanding achievements and significant contributions by Elected Members and Employees to the Association and/or to Local Government. 
The Eminent Service Award recognises personal commitment, eminent service and contribution to the Local Government Sector or the Association by an Elected Member or Employee of the Association or a Member Local Government.
Those who have provided a high degree of service as either a State Councillor for over 8 years or an Elected Member for more than 12 years could be eligible for the Long and Loyal Award .
Merit Awards recognise Councillors who have demonstrated distinguished service to the community through their Local Government.            

Local Government Distinguished Officer Award   recognises Local Government Employees for their achievements.
Awards will be presented to recipients at a ceremony held at the Local Government Convention on the 1 August 2018.

For more information on the criteria for each award please reference the 2018 Honours Policy and Terms of Reference .

The 2017 Honours is available for your reference.

All completed nomination forms are to be sent to honours@walga.asn.au.

*Please click the links above to download the appropiate nomination form.