Local Government Honours Program 2021

The Local Government Honours Program is a significant public recognition and celebration of the outstanding achievements and lasting contributions made by Elected Members and employees to their respective Councils, to the Local Government sector and to the wider community.
Awards given as part of the Honours Program will be presented to recipients at an awards ceremony to be held in September during the 2021 Local Government Convention at Crown.

Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the 2021 Honours Program are now open and will close at 5:00pm on Friday, 18 June. Member Local Governments and State Councillors are invited to submit nominations using the forms provided below.
The 2020 Brochure provides an indication of the type of information required to support each nomination.

The Awards

The six categories of awards within the 2021 Honours Program are as follows:

  1. Local Government Medal

  2. Life Membership

  3. Eminent Service Award

  4. Long and Loyal Service Award

  5. Local Government Distinguished Officer Award

  6. Merit Award
The Policy governing the 2021 Honours Program provides further details about the awards and the selection criteria.

Important Notes

  • Nominations by Member Local Governments require the support of the nominator (who must be an Elected Member) plus two other Elected Members and the nomination must be forwarded through the Chief Executive Officer of the Local Government for sign-off prior to submission.
  • We encourage nominators to provide as much relevant supporting information as possible to demonstrate to the Honours Panel that the nominee meets the Award criteria. In the case of the Local Government Medal and Life Membership Award, supporting documents can be provided in the form of references, previous awards, etc.
  • A passport size digital photo of your nominee should be provided with the nomination, preferably with images that are no less than 1mb in file size.
  • Nominations will no longer be accepted for persons who have retired or ceased working for Local Government before 1 July 2018.