2019 ANZAC Day Awards

The 2019 ANZAC Day Awards recognise Local Government contribution to the promotion and facilitation of community involvement in ANZAC Day commemorative events and initiatives.

For 2019 there will be two awards presented based on Local Government population: one for Local Governments with up to 10,000 people, and one for Local Governments with 10,001 or more people.

Specifically, the Award Panel, which will consist of senior WALGA and RSLWA representatives, will consider:

  • the assistance provided by the Local Government in facilitating, organising, promoting, and staging ANZAC Day commemorations
  • collaboration between the RSL and the Local Government in ensuring a successful commemoration
  • innovation by the Local Government in ensuring continued relevance of ANZAC Day commemorations in community life,
  • the uniqueness of the commemorations, and
  • involvement of the broader community, including young people, in ANZAC Day commemorations.

Photographs and/or other imagery of the commemoration as well as statements from veterans, community members and third parties are encouraged.

Following the close of nominations on Friday, 31 May, the Award Panel will determine the Award Winners with reference to the criteria outlined above. The Award will be presented during the WALGA Annual General Meeting held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday, 1August.

The nomination form can be downloaded here and for further information contact Manager, Strategy and Association Governance, Tim Lane, on (08) 9213 2029 or tlane@walga.asn.au.