Climate Change Events

WALGA hosts regular events on climate change topics and issues of relevance for Local Government officers and Elected Members:

WALGA formerly hosted Climate Change Collaborators (C3), a stakeholder group for Local Government officers with climate change issues within their responsibilites. As there were many synergies between C3 and the Sustainable Officers Network Group (SONG) membership and meeting topics, the C3 meetings are now discontinued. We are now expressly covering climate change issues at the SONG meetings. 

The table below sets out past C3 meetings and links to presentations at those meetings.

Date Presentations

Past Climate Change Collaborators Event Presentations

November 2017 Alastair Leith and Rob Phillips from Sustainable Energy Now provided a presentation on the future of renewables on the
South West Interconnected System. Annabelle McGuiness from City of Fremantle, Kylie Wrigley from City of Canning and Jeremy Manning from City of Swan gave an overview of their Councils experience with the Cities Power Partnership Program and John Filippone from WALGA presented on WALGA's Sustainable Procurement Project. The presentations can be found below.
August 2017  In lieu of its August Climate Change Collaborator's meeting, WALGA ran a special half day forum Climate Change, Risk and Liability alongside the Local Government Convention on Friday, 4 August. 

The presentations for the event are below: 
May 2017
 James Eggleston and Paula Hansen from Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP)) Institute gave a presentation on   Compact City Planning Driving Innovation in Energy, and Jean Palutikof from NCCARF, Griffith University presented on NCCARF's work on CoastAdapt. Their presentations can be found below.

 Glenn Cook from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) gave a BOM/CSIRO State of the Climate 2016 presentation.  You can view a range of State of the Climate materials on the BOM website here, including the report at a glance, full report and a range of short video presentations.
September 2016
 The South West Group and WALGA held a Climate Change Forum as part of the Climate Change Collaborators events, which was hosted by the City of Cockburn. The program and information on the speakers can be found here, and the presentations can be found below. Following the presentations a workshop was held to identify the priority actions required to assist Local Governments in responding to climate change, and who should have responsibility for these actions. A summary of the workshop findings can be found here.
June 2016
 Joyce Erceg from discussed how seeks to encourage individuals, institutions, Local and State Governments, and corporations to participate in divestment as we move towards a low carbon economy. Glen Dougall from the City of Fremantle, discussed the divestment process for the City of Fremantle and outlined the factors that need to be considered when divesting from fossil fuels. Their presentations can be found below.
March 2016
 The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Department of Planning presented on urban and regional monitoring. Their presentations can be found below.

WALGA Hosted Events

Additional Presentations Relevant to Climate Change

April 2017  Dr Joe Hurley from Melbourne University UMIT, presented at the City of Vincent on Land Use Planning and Urban Greening, which focused on Local and State Government approaches to protecting and enhancing the urban forest, with a focus on the role of planning policy and the contribution of private land.
February 2017  Nicole Mathews, (WALGA Environmental Policy Manager) delivered a presentation on Urban Forestry and Local Governments, which discussed urban forests from a Local Government perspective, and outlined some of the challenges and opportunities for achieving urban forestry objectives.