WALGA 2017/18 Salary and Workforce Survey
Monday, October 02, 2017
The Local Government Remuneration Survey is back with a new name, more categories, new statistics and online access to results. I am pleased to launch the 2017/18 Salary and Workforce Survey presented by WALGA and SalaryOne.
Key features of the survey:
  1. Exclusive survey for WA and NT Local Governments.
  2. Publication in November 2017 to give you current remuneration data for 2018/19 budget planning.
  3. Enter position data for up to 153 job types.
  4. Workforce data by employment type, age, occupation, diversity and gender.
  5. Industry trends for leave, superannuation, terminations and 30 types of allowances and benefits.
  6. Revised vehicle category list and remuneration values.
  7. Industry trends in human resource management.
  8. Subscribers receive PDF survey report and online access to SalaryOne web portal. Filter data by Australian Classification of Local Governments.
  9. Increased privacy, while retaining some pay transparency.
For information on subscribing to the survey, please see our previous ER Alert
To participate in the survey, take the following steps:
Step 1 – Submit a purchase order to WALGA.
Step 2 – View the user guide prepared by SalaryOne here.
Step 3 – View the survey spreadsheet here.
Step 4 – Collate your responses and complete the spreadsheet.
Step 5 – Email the completed spreadsheet to SalaryOne.

Survey submission details:
  • Email completed survey spreadsheet to Julian Keys
  • For assistance with the survey, contact Julian Keys or Jason Strachan at SalaryOne by calling 1300 029 421.
  • For subscription and other enquiries email  WALGA Employee Relations or call (08) 9213 2092.
Please note the closing date for submission of survey spreadsheets is 5:00pm, Thursday, 19 October

I encourage you to participate in this comprehensive survey of salaries, remuneration, benefits, workforce and human resource management for Local Governments in WA and NT.