2019 WA Local Government Convention

2019 WA Local Government Convention

Wednesday, 7 - Friday, 9 August 2019
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

The theme for the 2019 WA Local Government Convention is  Local Government: Renewal Practical.

Integral to the theme is the development of the New Local Government Act – new legislation for Local Government that will enable the sector to reach its full potential and deal with the vast and diverse range of needs and aspirations of our communities. It is the driver for one of the most extensive consultation processes ever undertaken by the State Government with the sector. It has the potential to result in game-changing outcomes that will shift the focus and actions of Local Governments for decades to come, and whilst this is the potential for the legislation, this conference is about more than just the Act and its supporting regime of regulations and guidelines.

New thinking, new trends, new technologies, new ways of working and doing things…these all come to the fore as we explore what the implications and opportunities are in a “Brave New World” for Local Government.

In essence, we will explore the challenge of change. How do you define what is possible, sort it into what you need as distinct from everything that you might want, make the hard calls in deciding what to do, and then do it? Perhaps most challenging of all is understanding the progress of change. How do we know we are achieving the change we want?

These are all vital questions that must be answered if we are to move forward with purpose and not simply be the accidental tourists of any possible future. There could not be a more relevant challenge for our conference to address.



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