The Premier has announced that the current lockdown for Perth and Peel will end as planned at midnight tonight, with interim restrictions in place until 12:01am, Tuesday, 6 July. 

People are encouraged to continue working from home and masks are still required to be worn indoors, outdoors and on public transport.
Under the transitional restrictions: 
•    20 person limit and 4sqm rule for: 
o    Public venues (swimming pools, recreation centres, outdoor playgrounds, museums) but no group classes can take place
o    Hospitality (restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars) – seated service only
o    Beauty/hairdressing
o    Fitness venues (gyms, pilates, yoga, dance studios)
o    Casinos, nightclubs, entertainment venues (seated only), places of worship
o    Universities and TAFEs
•    Professional and outdoor community sport can resume but indoor community sport is not permitted
•    Private gatherings are limited to 10 visitors in homes, 20 outdoors
•    No visitors to hospitals, residential aged care and/or disability facilities apart from outlined exceptions
•    Weddings limited to 20 attendees (excl staff)
•    Category 2 and 3 elective surgeries postponed to Friday, 9 July
Events are not permitted, certain sporting events in a stadium will be permitted but with no spectators.
Travelling out of Perth and Peel is permitted, however, restrictions apply for anyone who has been in Perth and Peel since Sunday, 27 June: 
•    Masks must be worn 
•    Not allowed to visit hospitality, entertainment and recreation venues or other public gathering.
•    Can visit retail venues or other businesses for takeaway
Further easing of restrictions (pending health advice) are due to occur from 12:01am on Tuesday, 6 July to include: 
•    Mask wearing indoors including the workplace and on public transport
•    150 person limit and 2sqm rule to replace 20 person/4sqm rule applied for venues outlined above
•    Private gatherings to have 30 person limit in homes, 150 person limit outdoor
•    Visitors to hospitals, aged care, disability facilities expanded to four per day (exceptions to still apply)
•    Indoor and outdoor community sport can resume with spectators
This phase is anticipated to end at 12:01am, Monday, 12 July. 

For more information visit the WA Government website or email the COVID-19 Response Team.