Business Continuity Planning

LGIS is able to offer members advice on the Business Resilience and continuity planning - for further information including a template plan and coronavirus resilience fact sheet, click here.

For other information on support and advice offered to members, please see the  LGIS website.


Vendor Marketplace

WALGA is pleased to announce that the VendorPanel Marketplace platform to assist Local Government buyers to link with local suppliers, is now live, to facilitate the management of local procurement processes and help stimulate their local economies.

Find out more here.

'Return to Office' Facilities Management

With Phase 3 easing of restrictions and operations returning to regular business and a particular need to enhance cleaning and social distancing, WALGA has advanced additional offers to Members for cleaning products.

A range of manufacturer direct supplies has been negotiated on the back of the successful hand sanitiser project.  Due to the direct commission and volume predicated supply substantial costs savings can be accessed.  
Additionally a special offer has been put together for Hygiene Protection Screens. 

COVID-19 Essential PSA Services

The WALGA Preferred Supplier program comprises of 38 Preferred Supplier Arrangements. The full supplier list is available on the Products and Services Directory.

To assist with accessing relevant services and products, WALGA has scanned some of the relevant panels to assess services that are in demand and specific to the current market disruption.  WALGA has asked suppliers to these panels to summarise their service offering and market capacity.

These services are summarised in the following Infopages: For the other panels, our Preferred Suppliers are taking steps to continue their operations and remain open to meet Local Government needs.