Enhancing the Perception of Local Government

WALGA directs a number of campaigns with the aim of enhancing the perception of Local Government among members of the public.

Our current campaign 'Know your Council' aims to provides ratepayers with clarity on their residential rates and how they are calculated, along with information on other key council services including building and planning, roads and waste services and facilities and events information.
The campaign features the four videos featured below alongside the campaign website www.knowyourcouncil.com, and is further supported by WALGA's localeye app (available for Apple and  Android), which provides mobile search for community facilities and events, a function to report local issues and register for fire alerts and warnings.

Click on the videos below to view:

'Know Your Council' - Video 1


'Know Your Council' - Video 2


'Know Your Council' - Video 3

'Know Your Council' - Video 4