Certificate III in Waste Management CPP30711

Certificate III in Waste Management CPP30711


Certificate III in Waste Management CPP30711 is a nationally recognised qualification that has been developed for those working in waste management, within Local Government or the private sector.

This qualification is aimed at providing a hands on approach which covers a broad range of different areas of waste management activities and includes some front line training in general workplace issues such as Occupational Health and Safety and customer interactions.

The Certificate III in Waste Management CPP30711 qualification is delivered via a combination of workshops and one-on-one contact with students. This may include face-to-face meetings, skype and telephone sessions and on-the-job workplace visits to provide support and assistance in the completion of assessment requirements.

Target Audience

Suitable for those working directly in the waste management area at a practical level, for example at a landfill, transfer station or waste treatment facility.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, participants should be able to:

  • understand and implement environmentally sustainable practices;
  • understand and implement operational requirements;
  • understand the fundamentals of dangerous goods and hazardous substances;
  • understand operational requirements of the waste management industry and contribute to safe work practices;
  • identify, segregate and manage waste according to the waste hierarchy;
  • prepare and report on monitoring of contained waste, waste disposal sites and storage of waste; and
  • contribute to effective teamwork and workplace relationships and manage waste related enquiries and complaints.


7 days
9:00am - 4:30pm (8:45am registration)
These dates are: 16 March, 17 March, 21 April, 5 May, 16 June, 14 July and 4 August 2017.


$4,500.00 (GST exempt) (inclusive of assessment fees).

Relationship to Competency Standard

This Certificate III in Waste Management consists of the following 17 nationally recognised Units of Competency:

  • CPPCMN3001B - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • CPPWMT3041A - Identify operational requirements of waste management industry
  • CPPWMT4062A - Apply waste avoidance techniques
  • CPPCMN3003A - Contribute to workplace safety arrangements
  • CPPWMT3011A - Respond to waste emergencies
  • CPPWMT3044A - Identify wastes and hazards
  • CPPCMN3004A - Respond to enquiries and complaints
  • BSBFLM303C - Contribute to effective workplace relationship
  • CPPWMT3014A - Manually sort waste
  • CPPWMT3019A - Prepare waste for re-use
  • CPPWMT3005A - Identify and segregate waste
  • CPPWMT4022A - Monitor waste disposal site
  • CPPWMT3013A - Receive waste
  • CPPWMT3025A - Monitor contained waste
  • CPPWMT3017A - Store waste
  • CPPCMN4005A - Facilitate effective teamwork
  • CPPCMN4006A - Facilitate effective workplace relationships


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