If you are looking for the most simple and effective way to educate your newly Elected Members in their new roles and responsibilities in Local Government , look no further than our Elected Member eLearning Essentials! WALGA Training have bundled 4 of our popular online training courses and packaged them on a highly accessible USB stick. Your Elected Members can learn the fundamentals of their role, anytime, anywhere, and without the need for special software or a reliable internet connection (a common barrier to traditional eLearning).

eLearning Essentials

Included courses:

  1. Understanding Local Government
  2. Conflicts of Interest
  3. Serving on Council (part of the Elected Member Skill Set)
  4. Decision Making at a Governing Board Level (part of the Elected Member Skill Set)

How it works

WALGA Training have removed 90% of the work involved in individually registering your Elected Members onto selected eLearning courses by having one simple purchase mechanism. All you have to do is tell us how many Elected Members you have, and we will send your Local Government with the right number of USBs that contain all 4 courses - simple!

When an Elected Member completes a course we are automatically notified and issue them with a Certificate of Participation; a formal recognition of their studies which they can then provide to their CEO for recording.


To keep things straightforward this package is a one off cost, regardless of how many USBs are required, linked to the SAT Bands. If you are unsure which SAT Band your Local Government resides in please use the contact details listed below.

  1. SAT Band 1 - $3,500 (+GST)
  2. SAT Band 2 - $3,250 (+GST)
  3. SAT Band 3 - $2,500 (+GST)
  4. SAT Band 4 - $2,250 (+GST)

Don't know which SAT Band your Local Government has been allocated? Visit the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal website for the latest determinations, or contact us.