Survey the WALGA Remuneration Survey                   
                  Tuesday, August 09, 2016
As per alert 28/2015 that was sent out in late 2015, WALGA is actively working to review the Local Government Remuneration Survey Report. We want to ensure that the Report collects the right data and presents the data in a way that benefits Local Governments.  
We have put together a short survey asking for your feedback on the Local Government Remuneration Survey Report and how we can improve it to better serve the needs of the Local Government sector.
The survey consists of questions about the information collected by the Remuneration Survey, how the information is displayed and how Local Governments use the Remuneration Survey Report.
We strongly encourage all Local Governments and Regional Councils to provide feedback, regardless of whether you have previously participated in the Survey.
Please click here to access the survey. The survey will be open for completion until Wednesday, 4 May.
Delivery of the WALGA Remuneration Survey for 2016

Due to the review of the Local Government Remuneration Survey Report, unfortunately WALGA will not be releasing a Report in 2016 as the collection of data and the production of a Report takes in excess of six months. We will however endeavour to send out the Survey to all potential participants towards the end of the year, with a view to publishing a Report in early 2017. Please note that these time frames may change if we receive feedback from you that you would benefit from receiving the Report at a different time of year.
If you have any questions about this survey or the Report, please contact a member of the WALGA Employee Relations team on (08) 9213 2092 or email WALGA Employee Relations.