Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

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Service Offering

Local Government infrastructure is supported by a Preferred Supply Panel offering sustainable energy generation, energy efficiency and consumption reduction products and services. This Preferred Supplier Panel assists Local Government to directly source suppliers for project design, development and construction. The Panel also contains consulting services to support scoping, measurement and analysis. The Panel provides for categories of supply that work together to deliver a comprehensive range of products and services that ultimately reduce energy consumption. 

The scope of the Panel includes an Energy Generation Infrastructure category which provisions solar power through standalone and grid connected PV (photovoltaic) systems, windpower and hybrid solutions. The Panel also enhances the availability of Demand Side Management and offers solutions to energy provision infrastructure at nil net cost over an asset lifecycle through finance and lease solutions, energy saleback models and innovative price structures

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All Preferred Suppliers are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel. Pricing under this Contract is on the basis of quotation on a project by project basis. 

Suppliers of infrastructure to the Panel have discounted hardware and components ranging from 2% through to 40% off market rates. In addition, suppliers to the Panel have committed to deliverbest value administration, handling and labour costs through PreferredSupplier project quotations.


Member Conditions 

The WALGA General Conditions of Contract for the Provision of Goods and Services and where appropriate the WALGA General Conditions of Contract for the Provision of Minor Works and Services apply to this Contract. Where consultancy services only are provided under the framework of this Preferred Supply, WALGA Members may wish to contract under AS 4122 – 2010, General Conditions of Contract for Consultants. Some projects for major infrastructure development may be more extensive and it may be appropriate to apply General Conditions of Contract that are suitable for Major Works. In such instance, AS 2124, or AS 4000 Conditions of Contract should be applied to Member Contracts. It is the responsibility of the Member to appropriately license use of Australian Standards documentation.

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