Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering Consulting Services

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Service Offering

WALGA has established a Panel for Engineering Consultancy Services to deliver technical services and support project design and development for WALGA Members. The Panel has a focus on the key areas of road construction, infrastructure development, water management, construction and concept design, drafting, surveying, testing and analysis. 

Using the principles that separate the design and construction phase of project activity, the Engineering Consultancy Services Panel provides the opportunity to engage qualified and experienced consultants to develop design solutions, procedures and cost control measures for civil infrastructure design, multidisciplinary projects, superintendency and contract administration. 

Examples of services accessible under this Panel include: 

  • Scoping work for the design, planning and costing of construction for roads, infrastructure and civil construction;
  • Project management and guidance in the absence of in-house engineers and technical service staff;
  • Technical services for advocacy, representation, planning, strategy development and consultation; and
  • Bureau facilities to deliver managed services in specific areas, for example; drainage inspection, traffic engineering and flood mitigation services. 

Within the Panel, WALGA has established specialist categories of supply. The Panel includes the appointment of regional specialists as well as technical experts that specialise in areas such as airport engineering, materials testing, flood modelling and waste management engineering. 

This Panel complements other Preferred Supply Panels for the provision of technical services such as Road Building Services, Asset Management and Waste Management. Investment into consultancy and project design can assist to produce a project brief, scope of works, technical specifications and other preparatory information to obtain best value from a project. 

Consultancy at the design stage can yield substantial efficiencies, benefits and effective outcomes, as well as explore alternative project solutions. This activity can have flow-on benefits that save substantial operational costs for infrastructure development and maintenance.

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All Preferred Suppliers under this Panel are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel. 

All Panellists to this Contract have offered significant discounts off regular consulting rates. Schedules of consulting rates are accessible through eQuotes. Discounts of up to 40% have been offered to the Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Panel.


Conditions of Contract 

WALGA has applied AS 4122 – 2010, General Conditions of Contract for Consultants to this Contract. Copies of AS 4122 – 2010, General Conditions of Contract for Consultants, can be obtained from SAI Global at When using Australian Standards, WALGA Members may apply the annexures for each transaction under the Preferred Supply at its discretion, or state details in the Order. It is the responsibility of the WALGA Member to appropriately license use of Australian Standards documentation. 

Members must reference the WALGA contract and related Member Conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers.

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