WALGA consults with its members on a variety of topics to inform our advocacy and service offering to members.

The scope of our requests for feedback reflects the range of operations conducted by Local Government.
Please see below for items for which we are currently seeking feedback from our Members.

COMMENT PERIOD EXTENDED - Discussion Paper – Third Party Appeal Rights in Planning 

At the requests of Members, the deadline for comments and feedback has been extended until Friday, 14 July

In December 2016 WALGA State Council resolved to undertake research on third party appeals around Australia and further consult with members regarding the current policy position. 

A discussion paper which provides background on the development of WALGA’s current policy position and a review of the arguments both for and against third party appeals was presented for noting at WALGA’s May 2017 State Council meeting. 

The discussion paper can be found on the home page of WALGA’s PIP portal, and is accessible to members and non-members.

Feedback is being sought from  the Local Government planning community and Elected Members which will be used to consider any review of WALGA’s policy position on third party appeal rights. 

WALGA welcomes feedback or comments on all aspects of the discussion paper, and in particular on the following:

  • Would you be in favour of the introduction of some form of Third Party Appeal Rights in Western Australia? Why or Why not? 
  • Do you feel your Council is likely to support some form of Third Party Appeal Rights? 
  • Any other comments relating to Third Party Appeal Rights. 

Feedback can be sent to the Planning team or call (08) 9213 2000 to discuss. 

Collaboration on Homelessness – Examples Sought

The WA Council on Homelessness (WACH) is seeking to gain an understanding of the extent of collaboration between Local Government and other agencies in the pursuit of ending homelessness. WALGA is on the WACH, represented by the Executive Manager, Planning and Community Development, Joanne Burges.

The Association will be collating this information and is keen to hear from Local Governments about examples or case studies in their area.

To send through a brief overview or for more information, email Executive Manager, Planning and Community Development Joanne Burges or call 9213 2018.


2018-2019 State Budget Submission

Each year, WALGA prepares a submission to the State Government outlining the sectors’ priorities for the upcoming budget. WALGA is seeking input from Local Governments on the priority issues to raise in its 2018-2019 State Budget Submission.

The State’s weak financial position will pose a significant challenge for the Government in setting the budget. The latest projections contained in the 2016-2017 Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement show that WA is expected to record a net operating deficit of more than $3 billion, while net debt is expected to rise to more than $41 billion across the forward estimate period.
The focus for the budget will therefore be to bring the State’s finances back onto a sustainable footing through reductions to spending. This will leave limited room for new spending commitments, and in the worst case scenario, may see a reduction in funding to the sector.  

For more information, email Policy Manager, Economics Dana Mason or call 9213 2096.