WALGA consults with its members on a variety of topics to inform our advocacy and service offering to members.

The scope of our requests for feedback reflects the range of operations conducted by Local Government.
Please see below for items for which we are currently seeking feedback from our Members.

Inquiry into Regional Airfares in Western Australia

An inquiry into regional airfares for regular public transport routes in regional Western Australia is being undertaken by the Economics and Industry Standing Committee with the outcomes being presented back to the Legislative Assembly by Tuesday, 28 November.

To ensure WALGA can prepare a representative submission, Local Governments are encouraged to complete a short survey. The survey questions are based on the line of enquiry in the terms of reference. The survey closes on Friday, 21 July.
More information about the inquiry is available here. Local Governments can also provide submissions directly to the inquiry committee via email here. Copies of submissions made would be appreciated.

For more information email Policy Officer Transport and Roads Marissa MacDonald or call 9213 2050.

Public Consultation on Telecommunications Carrier Powers and Immunities

The Australian Government has released a public consultation paper on proposed amendments to the Telecommunications (Low Impact Facilities) Determination 1997.

The Determination provides carriers with the powers to enter land (including public areas of buildings) for inspections, installation and maintenance of certain types of facilities. It also provides immunities to a range of State and Territory laws when carrying out these activities.

The consultation paper lists over 20 additional facilities and activities that it proposes to be added under the Low Impact Facilities Determination. Many of these amendments could impact Local Government infrastructure and activities. Local Governments are urged to review the list of activities listed in the consultation paper here.

Local Governments can submit feedback on the submission form at the supplied link before Friday, 21 July.

WALGA will be making a submission on behalf of the sector and Local Governments are encouraged to provide direct feedback.

For more information or to provide feedback, email Policy Manager Transport and Roads, Mark Bondietti or call 9213 2040.

Australian Government inquiry into the current and future impacts of climate change on housing, buildings and infrastructure

The Australian Government’s Environment and Communications Reference Committee is currently running an inquiry into the impacts of climate change on housing, buildings and infrastructure. The inquiry will take account of the full range of projected climate scenarios into the future and have regard to a wide range of matters, including: 

  • recent and projected changes in sea levels, precipitation, temperature and extreme weather events;
  • the impact of recent and projected changes on housing, finance and infrastructure (eg, water, transportation and energy infrastructure, coastal infrastructure, social infrastructure, public recreation facilities) 
  • the impact on financing and insurance arrangements for housing, buildings and infrastructure; 
  • the adequacy of State and Commonwealth policies in relation to adaptation and resilience; and 
  • any other related matters. 

Further information and a complete list of the matters to be considered by the Committee is available here.
To read the full Infopage click here.

WALGA is drafting a submission to the Committee and welcomes any comments and input from Local Government outlining suggested content for inclusion in the submission. WALGA also encourages Local Governments to consider making their own submission direct to the Committee. 

WALGA requests input, comments and copies of Local Government submissions be sent to Environment@walga.asn.au by Friday, 28 July

Provide any comments to WALGA for its submission by Friday, 28 July. Individual Local Government submissions to the Committee by Wednesday, 15 August. 

Reminder - National Sports Plan - Consultation closes Monday, 31 July

The  Commonwealth Government is developing a National Sports Plan to understand Australia’s expectations of the sports sector, including high performance sport; sporting participation; cultural and public health outcomes and our willingness to pay for these services.

The consultation process is open until Monday, 31 July. A discussion paper has been prepared to facilitate consultation.

Click here for further information about the plan. WALGA will develop a sector submission.

To provide feedback or for more information, email Policy Manager, Community Jodie Holbrook or call 9213 2044.

Collaboration on Homelessness – Examples Sought

The WA Council on Homelessness (WACH) is seeking to gain an understanding of the extent of collaboration between Local Government and other agencies in the pursuit of ending homelessness. WALGA is on the WACH, represented by the Executive Manager, Planning and Community Development, Joanne Burges.

The Association will be collating this information and is keen to hear from Local Governments about examples or case studies in their area.

To send through a brief overview or for more information, email Executive Manager, People and Place  Joanne Burges or call 9213 2018.