WALGA consults with its Members on a variety of topics to inform our advocacy and service offering to Members.

The scope of our requests for feedback reflects the range of operations conducted by Local Government.
Please see below for items for which we are currently seeking feedback from our Members.

Communications and Social Media Tools – Feedback Sought

Social media use and misuse is becoming increasingly topical within the Local Government sector as it can have substantial impact on the reputation and operations of Local Government.

WALGA has developed some tools to assist the sector address communications and social media risks and would appreciate feedback to assist in finalising the following:

An Infopage has been circulated and feedback on the draft documents will be appreciated to governance@walga.asn.au by Friday, 27 April.

Comments sought on WALGA Draft Climate Change Policy Statement

Following on from WALGA’s release of the Climate Change Policy Statement Discussion Paper , WALGA has now produced a draft revised WALGA Climate Change Policy.
WALGA received a total of 26 responses in response to the Climate Change Policy Statement Discussion Paper. Roughly half were individual responses (some officers, some councillors) and the other half were responses endorsed by the Local Government. Responses were overwhelmingly supportive of producing a strong policy statement, that reflects the scientific consensus, international developments (e.g. the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals) and most importantly, the fact that Local Governments are already experiencing climate change, and taking mitigation and adaptation action.
Councillors, CEOs and Local Government Officers are encouraged to consider the draft Climate Change Policy Statement and provide any comments by cob Tuesday 24 April to Laura Simes (Environment Policy Advisor,  lsimes@walga.asn.au).
After input has been received and considered, the draft Policy Statement will be submitted to State Council for its approval or comment. If endorsed by State Council, it will provide the basis for WALGA’s climate change advocacy plan, which will be developed in consultation with the sector and further detail how WALGA will promote and prosecute Local Governments’ key climate change priorities over the next few years.