WALGA consults with its members on a variety of topics to inform our advocacy and service offering to members.
The scope of our requests for feedback reflects the range of operations conducted by Local Government.
Please see below for items for which we are currently seeking feedback from our members.

Seeking Comments: Regional Subsidiary Legislation

Regional subsidiary legislation passed through Parliament on Wednesday, 14 September as part of the Local Government Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.

The legislation will allow two or more Local Governments to establish a subsidiary for the purposes of providing joint services and other collaborative projects.

WALGA will be preparing a submission to the DLGC and is seeking comments from CEOs of Local Governments.

To submit feedback, please download the consultation paper and the questionnaire. The closing date for the comments is Wednesday, 28 September.

For more information, download the infopage or email Executive Manager, Governance and Organisational Services Tony Brown or call 9213 2051.

Survey: Compliance and Enforcement of Building Act 2011

WALGA is undertaking a survey of current Local Government inspection practices, to obtain a snapshot of the compliance and enforcement functions that currently occur under the Building Act 2011.

There is no state-wide research on the current site inspection practices for WA Local Governments. However, anecdotal evidence suggests a wide variety of inspection regimes have been adopted by each Local Government.

WALGA is seeking to understand what policies and processes are currently in place in undertaking Building Act compliance and enforcement functions.

All survey results will be aggregated and no individual Local Government responses will be released.

The compiled information will assist in discussions with the Building Commission as per Recommendation 4 in the Roof Inspections report.

Recommendation 4 calls for consistent compliance monitoring and enforcement by permit authorities, which are usually Local Governments. The Building Commissioner should encourage these permit authorities to undertake a consistent level of inspection of building work to ensure compliance of the building permit, as detailed in page 7 of the General Inspection Report.

The survey is open until Friday, 30 September, please click here to complete the survey.

For more information, email Policy Manager Planning and Improvement, Vanessa Jackson or call 9213 2064.

Survey: Do you have the tools and information to procure sustainably?

In response to requests from Local Governments, WALGA is seeking to enhance tools and resources to assist sustainable procurement within Local Government.

WALGA is seeking feedback, especially from Procurement Officers and Sustainability Officers, to help identify gaps in existing tools, services, and information.

If you have encountered difficulties while trying to incorporate sustainability into your procurement process please compete the survey with any additional suggestions.

Please click here to complete the survey. Please note that individual responses will remain anonymous.

For more information, email WALGA's Senior Procurement Specialist or call (08) 9213 2006.

Residential Design Codes - Proposed Amendments 2016

The WAPC has released the R-Codes proposed amendments 2016  for public comment.

The proposed amendments are meant to address concerns regarding misinterpretation and inconsistency of application of certain provisions of the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

Full details of the proposed amendments can be found here. WALGA is preparing a draft response which will be available for members to review at the end of August.

To assist the Association, feedback and comments on the proposed amendments are greatly appreciated and can be sent by email to Policy Manager Planning and Improvement, Vanessa Jackson or call 9213 2064 by 1 October.

Seeking Feedback: Crash Location Reports

WALGA has been advised by Main Roads WA that from late 2016, it intends to discontinue producing Crash Location Reports following fatal and serious road crashes that occur on Local Government roads. The Association is seeking feedback from members concerning the use and value of Crash Location Reports in order to determine an appropriate response.

Please provide your responses to the questions found on the infopage and email the comments to Policy Officer Road Safety Mal Shervill by Friday, 14 October.

For more information, email Mal or call 9213 2068.

Survey: Review of State Planning Policy 4.2 - Activity Centres for Perth and Peel

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is undertaking a review of State Planning Policy 4.2 - Activity Centres for Perth and Peel (SPP4.2). As part of the WAPC review, a survey is being undertaken to ascertain Local Government planners' views on the effectiveness of SPP 4.2.

This survey is targeted at Local Government planners familiar with the application of SPP 4.2, including those in regional areas who may use SPP4.2 for guidance.

The survey forms part of a wider program of engagement, which includes Local Government and industry stakeholders. The survey closes on Friday, 14 October. Click here to access the survey.

For more information email Department of Planning Senior Planning Officer Kirsty Edwards or call 6551 9331.

Seeking Feedback: CoastAdapt: Learn, Review and Participate

CoastAdapt is an information delivery and decision support tool designed to assist coastal managers in Australia adapt to climate change and sea-level rise. CoastAdapt was developed by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) with expert advice from 64 authors and funding from the Federal Government.

WALGA is part of the tool implementation partnership and will be running workshops for Local Governments on CoastAdapt in October 2016. The tool can be found on the CoastAdapt website.

The CoastAdapt website provides up to date information on all aspects of climate change and sea-level rise, including potential impacts, guidance on risk assessments, an adaptation decision support framework, legal considerations and how to engage with coastal communities.

NCCARF is currently seeking feedback on the beta version of CoastAdapt. Closing date for the feedback is Monday, 31 October. To provide feedback, visit the survey page.

For more information, email WALGA Environment Team.