Changing Places Grants Program

Disability Services Commission (DSC) in partnership with WALGA has provided funding to Local Governments for the construction of a network of Changing Places across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

Changing Places will improve access to and inclusion in the community for a wide range of people who cannot be away from their home for any length of time because of their personal hygiene needs. Changing Places provide people with disability, or with other continence needs, increased inclusion and participation in everyday life including employment, travel, recreation, holidays and events. Changing Places will benefit people with disability, their families and carers as well as other members of the community.

Changing Places Briefing Session - 23 September 2016, Toodyay Community Centre

WALGA hosted a Briefing Session on 23 September for Local Governments who were successful in securing funding to construct a Changing Places facility in their community at the Toodyay Community Centre.  

The Briefing Session discussed the compliance requirements and standards to be met in building a Type 2 (Blue Level) Changing Place as part of this Grants Program. 

The written versions of each presentation can be found in the links below:
DSC presentation
NDS WA presentation
City of Greater Geraldton presentation
City of Greater Geraldton attachment 1
City of Greater Geraldton attachment 2

The audio of each presentation can be found in the links below:
Presentation 1 (DSC)
Presentation 2 (NDS WA)
Presentation 3 (Shire of Toodyay)
Presentation 4 (City of Greater Geraldton)